Mark Roberts Delivers Mea-Culpa For Chief Lewis Morris

Huntsville's Chief Morris Offers Mea-CulpaPolice spokesperson Mark Roberts in a Public Service Ad with an attorney named Morris

I published a column about two weeks ago explaining some of the systemic corruption in the City of Huntsville and Police Department specifically naming Police Chief Lewis J Morris.

Tommy Battle, Lewis Morris And Systemic Municipal Corruption

That a jailer can’t see someone is dying because it’s too expensive to bother with, that a poorly trained police officer finds it more efficient to kill someone wielding a knife because it’s “in accordance with Departmental policies,” and he can get away with it, that gang violence in the jail can go totally unchecked allowing an innocent victim to be brutally murdered, that the promotion of Lewis Morris Jr. actually stands as an endorsement of child molestation and torture… are all the exemplary results of the attitude that Tommy Battle embraces.

Police Spokesperson Mark Roberts at Huntsvilles 2005 Centennial celebration.Police Spokesperson Mark Roberts at Huntsville’s 2005 sesquicentennial celebration. At that time, Mr. Roberts harassed me in a show of belligerance toward my excercise of freedom of press. Since then, publications like mine have been recognized by the Supreme Court as legitimate media operations.

About a week after that, you may have noticed Police Spokesman Mark Roberts engaged in a conflict of interest and racketeering doing a ‘public service’ announcement with an attorney named Morris. No coincidence (it’s related whether it’s related or not), Roberts is an HPD apparatchik in the same vein as Private Manning. Although he has already involved himself in human trafficking and conspiracy as an accessory, he just doesn’t know when to say no. One of Tommy Battle’s favorite boys, his ammoral approach to police work includes participation in illegal gang activity, and is potentially a dangerous individual in line for Chief.

While the TV advertisement is for a texting app, there does seem to be some overtures and inuendo that answers and/or offers mea-culpa for my allegations. Either way, it’s just another extraordinary show of arrogance and inappropriate behaviour discussed in the previous column. Move over Ferguson, here comes Huntsville…

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