Manslaughter In Wichita

After watching the video, considering that Wichita police were responding to a “swatting” call made from over a thousand miles away, Wichita police attacked an innocent non-the-wiser citizen – Andrew Finch – and shot him dead from nearly as far away. Wichita police are guilty of manslaughter, at the least.

I can’t make a subjective call about the 17 year old brutally beaten by police in Troy, Alabama without seeing the video. And, the sudden heart attack death of Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner, does beg te question of family heart disease.

Even still, the conclusion is inescapable. Law enforcement in this country is long overdue for reform and retraining. The depth of arrogance and incompetence is astonishing.

© 2017 – Jim Casey

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