Trump Vs Judge | Satire Vs Satire

What is up with the mainsream media and Dr. Drumph? Geez. Everyone knows it isn’t a good idea to piss off the judge trying your case. But, since when are judges considered to be infallible and above scrutiny?

At least one report suggests that Trump’s ridicule of the judge in his university case is somehow dangerous to the American legal system. As though summarily declaring the entirely corrupt legal system entirely corrupt is somehow a threat to legitimate constitutional justice.

Maybe it’s all just too sophisticated satire for a boy down south to understand, because I really thought the key to American justice is open dialogue, redress of grievance and due process that leaves no one above scrutiny. I hope it’s just satire from back east because if it ain’t – we in a heap of trouble.

That’s been my philosophy about the first almost black president, Barack Obama. I like colored folks just fine, but to ignore the historic reality is a dangerous denial of the facts. Colorful satire needn’t be racist per se, but never making a colorful joke about Barack Obama would just be stupid – even for white folks. You have to at least satirize the satire – ain’t that sophisticated enough?

I’m not saying I’m a New Yorker, never been there. Or a correspondent for the New York Times or CBS, watchem everyday. I’m just saying the European ‘keep your mouth shut about government’ model actually reeks of the old south cum new south plantation system and as illustrated by the currently embattled State of Alabama leadership.

Now… who’s sophisticated?

© 2016 – Jim Casey