Jim’s Encyclical | Better Off Dead

The apocalypse has apparently begun in earnest, as the leader of the flat earth society, Pope Frank, recently broke earth shaking ground in an unprecedented manner recognizing the immanent nature of global warming.

And, in the wake of the Charleston S.C. massacre by Dylann Hood that left nine black people dead at the Emanuel AME Church, including the Senator Reverend Pinckney Clementa. That event ultimately set off a firestorm of public sentiment resulting in the retiring of the confederate colors, perhaps most notably by Alabama governor Robert Bentley on June 25, 2015 – completed by 10:00 a.m. CDT. Ostensibly, the final shots in the civil war have now been fired, and that war is finally officially over.

And today, the US Supreme Court, without constitutional impetus, has extended the institutional accommodation of ‘marriage’ by government to same sex couples – but still only couples. Although, it may ultimately be that disallowing a ban on same sex marriage does not preclude multiple marriage partners as well. Alabama congressman Mormon Mo Brooks may yet have the last word as rumors now swirl he is in pursuit of additional brides to procure for his family gaggle.

These three tectonic events indicate massive cultural changes that are inevitable and irreversible, and a prelude to the next five hundred years, and beyond, when human kind will be forced to grapple with even more sweeping tectonic changes that will include an acceleration of major population shifts from coastal areas. These changes will elicit critical and difficult challenges in producing and maintaining the natural resources requisite to the very survival of Man – including the fundamental basics of water and food.

I am not in agreement with all the social changes, but recognize that the fundamentalist religious theocracy plantation system has come to do more harm than good in it’s attempt to foist it’s own “religious” beliefs, through government, onto others not a part of their “religion.” In so doing, and in contradiction of their own Biblical precepts, they have in fact denigrated themselves into a non-christian cult that has long been impotent in terms of legitimate spiritual and religious function, and now has become a lukewarm and illegitimate political force.

They brought it upon themselves. They have finally reaped the bounty of their unholy evil and greed. While one can only hope that the house of cards will truly fall – it would be worth the social compromises to slay the evil leviathan.

Unfortunately, however, there are already indications that the beasts of fascism, and neo-nazism, have cloaked their ugly heads and seduced many of the jubilant, if naive, coteries. It is perhaps the ultimate irony that the rainbow of acceptance and inclusion may very well morph into a cyclone of neo-nazi hate and genocide that could literally bring Adolph Hitler back from the grave through genetic engineering.

A fourth tectonic shift should also be noted, and I want to absolutely straight-forward in saying, when it comes to the legalization of marijuana, I still have reservations.

Alas, the whistle is blown. The times they are changing. And, not to be cliche, “If the thorn of arose is the thorn in your side, then you’re better off dead if you haven’t yet died.”