Fake News, Fake Meddling, Fake Investigation – FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! – Fire Mueller !!!

God knows that ain’t gonna happen. The truth is, there was no relevant meddling by the Russian government in the election. It’s all a big smokescreen to draw attention from the real ulterior motives of the “Russian Orthodox Church in America” – lead by Mike Pence, Gina Haspel and SDA cult leader Ben Carson. Trump ain’t gonna fire Mueller, they are in collusion! Maybe it’s time to go ahead and start the impeachment proceeding against Trump.

Here’s the real story. The main stream media is all tore up about their loss of ratings because of the Internet, and they are trying to get it back anyway they can. Ipso facto, Mark Zuckerberg wants as many excuses to collect and verify private information for sale that he can get. Political advertisers will now have to prove who they are and where they are and then he can sell their private information along with all the other that he’s leaked to third party creeps. It’s the slippery slope to media monopoly and by extension, defacto censorship.

It isn’t Mark Zuckerberg’s job to regulate any election. That’s the job of the Federal Election Commission. Look at it this way. If you’re a major candidate running for office, one thing your people are going to do is be aware of who the opposition is, and what kind of advertising they are running. It’s not like advertising can be secret unto itself, if it were, it wouldn’t be advertising. So then, any big time candidate should be able to investigate and alert the FEC to anything that looks shady. It’s their job. Likewise, there are contribution limits and spending norms that a big outfit like Facebook should be able to analyse and determine whether or not something is suspicious. They can then report that to the FEC, and again, it’s the job of the FEC to oversee and regulate campaign contributions and spending practices.

It’s another situation where there really are no problems and the solutions are already in place… if only that were the motive and if only the people involved would follow the responsible protocols already in place.

But, have no doubt. It is a two-fold conspiracy with more than one set of ulterior motives. The “Russian Orthodox Church in America” which undoubtedly extends literally to said, is lead by Mike Pence, Gina Haspel and SDA cult leader Ben Carson. In short, the rise of so-called “populist authoritarianism” is actually an international religious cult conspiracy that has already set out to undermine constitutional rights and values. Most conservatives say that about the Obamacare socialists, and they are right. But what they don’t say, is that the TEA Party zealots that love Trump so dearly want just as badly to destroy the constitution so that they can establish their own socialist order and caste system on their own terms.

As another for instance of the cut-throat nature of TEA Party Zealots, Trump has announced so-called welfare reform including punitive measures and requirements for those that remain dependent on assistance – even with unemployment already at a new low. Thanks for helping the economy, Mr. Trump, if that is, the next crash doesn’t eclipse the Great Depression. But, attacking the remainder who are the neediest is amoral, and unethical, and sets the stage for an even more cut-throat phase – maybe when the overheated economy does finally backfire.

I’ve exalted Donald Trump for the many good aspects of his conservatism. And, I have also been equally ambivalent about his shortcomings. And by the way, a reminder, I didn’t vote for Trump, or for Clinton either. Now however, it has become obvious that the congressional investigation is a farce, nothing more really than a dog and pony show, and of course the smokescreen. And given Mr. Trump’s pursuit of wrongly punitive cut-throat social policy, and his apparently disinclination to eradicate the amoral cult zealots like Gina Haspel and Ben Carson – maybe it really is time to fire Robert Mueller – and then begin the impeachment proceeding against Trump.

© 2018 – Jim Casey
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