The Changing Guard

Are we there yet? A concept that seems to have perpetually echoed throughout my lifetime. But then a new millennium only comes around once every thousand years and it took twice as long to get to the second.

The fanfare, pomp & circumstance and pageantry have been a sight to behold. More recently the honor guards have been dropping like flies. I guess that signals the end of the wake. For most, including myself, the party has been the only show in town for an entire lifetime. It’s a little hard to grasp for me an old guy and I can only imagine what younger generations must imagine when they read blather like this.

You just had to be there, that’s all. The younger generations have been here too but not the whole time. Mmm. It’s over? What’s over? You cannot expect anyone to believe things are going to be like the olden days – can you? Well, no, not exactly. But the times they are a changing.

Some have said it’s the beginning of the end others stating it’s the end of the beginning. Can they both be right. Well, sorta. I know this will surprise those who’ve been following my commentaries over the years but – I’m not omnipotent. So, I can’t say for sure what the future holds.

I can say there was a beginning two thousand years ago and that the final ending ripples of the 2000th anniversary are now washing ashore. I can say there is a doppler affect as time has moved forward and many other concepts like industrialization, transportation, chemistry, medicine, genetics, electronics, culture and the population bloom are reaching inflections at near the same time.

For the United States, the fifty year period marked by RvW and the JFK prologue is over, probably. I think I can say as almost everything is entering a whole new phase that over the next fifty years liberals are going to loose ground. The cultural engineers have been hard at work and it seems to be not a question of if but instead by how much.

There are many caveats, however, that will likely dull the spurs of the hardcore fascists. First, while they are emboldened by the new phase they aren’t likely to bring their imagined fast track to fruition. Much of that depends on the white elephant itself, religion, which many have said is no longer relevant or functional and will likely slide into a long decline. Perhaps not unlike the British monarchy.

But that could also result in the mayhem of backlash resulting in worser totalitarian fascism than I can envision right now. Then again, I’m pretty sure most of those futuristic doomsday flicks put out by Hollywood back in the 70’s were about all that. That leads me to pose a question. Have you noticed that most popcorn flicks free on the internet today are doomsday movies about Los Angeles? Just saying, it’s something to think about.

Many of the caveats that will dull somebody’s spurs in the future are, simply put, reality checks. In spite of the projections of some capitalists, the bloom is done and world population will stabilize. If you believe global warming is real, by the evidence I’ve seen, it’s also already too late and while it may be slower than the alarmists predict, some climate change is natural long term cycles and it’s just a question of when and how much. It actually does seem like good news for Siberia.

The internet, according to some, is becoming a subversively dangerous place. Unfortunately true. I still will not kowtow to Adobes “credentials” fascism, however. Adobe has been a ring leader for digital authoritarianism right from the beginning and I’m actually surprised they survived where others didn’t. Oh, I still have on old offline functional Photoshop that I’ll use. But I never endorse offline programs that demand you use the cloud. Saves on subscriptions too.

The next big round in the new phase is the presidential election. So far I’ve been a proponent for Kammy’s ascention to the oval office. But, I don’t think she can be elected, so it would require Joe’s early demise. I don’t think Joe can be reelected and I think his dementia is becoming more obvious even to his proponents. Ironically, I don’t think Trump can be reelected this time either. Trump may be the lesser of evils. Again. But I think he’s done his damage and the republicans could begin regrouping in a more positive way for the future if he would step aside.

The immediate political future is perilous and could go liberal or conservative depending on who ends up in the Oval Office this time. I still see choppy waters ahead for several years after that as the pendulum swings. Maybe they could just wheel in Ronald Reagan and his casket to occupy the oval office and then call a meeting to conduct business.

So, anyway, I’m still here and looking forward to realjob retirement. That will leave me with more time for Internet side hustles like TikTok and Instagram etc. And of course, As the election heats up join me here for a blow by blow commentary – if I’m not chopping wood on TikTok that day.

©2023- Jim Casey

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