Huntsville – Downtown Snarlie

Huntsville - Downtown Snarlie - Construction boom in Huntsville clutters the skyline
Huntsville - Downtown Snarlie

Here’s a snapshot I took in downtown a few months ago. As I walked out of the convenience store I noticed this especially enthralled clutter on the skyline from construction and other infrastructure. Cast against an interesting sky full of clouds with variations of shape and white, blue and gray colors I thought it would be a good featured image.

Reviewing my publishing archives I dont think I ever actually posted it anywhere. I did look at it and tried to do the editing but wasn’t happy with the results because I couldn’t get the lines to fall in a poetic way. Mmm. That’s the photographer in me because I wasn’t happy not being able to frame the shot the way I wanted in the first place. Snow blinded the editor.

Looking at the photo today the editor in me took over and found that the discordant pattern actually met with the discordant framing in a way that actually is poetic. Being a genius on two or more levels often brings on challenging conflicts, but I do my best. Heh, heh.

©2023 -Jim Casey

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