Is It Soup Yet? Annie Mertz Demolished

Annie Mertz falls to the wrecking ball.
Annie Mertz falls to the wrecking ball.

Annie Mertz is under the wrecking ball and has been for several weeks now. The building that was once the old old Huntsville High School has served as the administrative center for Huntsville City Schools for as long as I can remember.

The building named after a Huntsville High School administrator who was in the classroom for 51 years is located in the Historic Twickenham District. The district is known for one of the largest concentrations of antebellum homes in the South and is Huntsville’s birthplace.

The old building had become expensive to maintain and was known for it’s cavernous interior and drafty chill. New homes will occupy the real estate as the bigwigs of Huntsville’s education system seek new digs on the north end of town.

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