CBS Survivor Island Will Rock Your Crazy Boat!

I was watching last weeks 2nd episode of “Survivor Island” when I realized that the big league ball player is John Rocker – the pitcher of Atlanta Braves fame. Rocker got into trouble a few years ago for some comments he made that were a bit offbeat. Then Baseball commissioner Bud Selig came down on him pretty hard – threatening to force him to submit to a psychiatric exam. Eventually the incident blew over. As evidenced by the sneak previews of this weeks 3rd episode of Survivor Island, Rockers past comes up and is apparently scrutinized. You’ll have to watch and see whether it costs him the game.

When I realized it was John Rocker on the show, I knew I had a column in the archives that I hadn’t yet reposted after switching to the WordPress system. So, I have refurbished the column and posted it here. My old column and John Rocker’s current appearance on Survivor Island turns out to be all the more relevant and timely in light of several stories in the news in the last week or two. – Rocker Say No!

In California, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill just last week that allows police to confiscate an individuals guns based on nothing more than the whim of a family member who claims the gun owning citizen is “dangerous.” No due process, no legal issues – no constitutional rights.

USA Today – Gov. Jerry Brown signs California gun restriction

Also last week, Huntsville’s HudsonAlpha Institute announced their participation in the world’s largest genetic study of bipolar and schizophrenia. HudsonAlpha researchers join world’s largest genetic study of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia

Genetic studies may provide some beneficial results, but placing HudsonAlpha in the City of Von Braun, the “unconvinced” Nazi scientist, along side the so-called National “Children’s Advocacy” Center, was irresponsible and should’ve never been allowed to happen as it creates a revolving neo-Nazi engine. But then, this is the state they call “Ala’bama.”

How long until law enforcement denies your constitutional rights, not on the arbitrary whim of self-serving relatives with conflicts of interest, and simply claims you to be “guilty” of an uncommitted crime, based on Jim Hudson’s arbitrary opinion of your genetic makeup?

Jim Hudson, like Parker Griffith, is also a member of the “Aristocratic Party” and he also really likes raking in that money. However, a failed businessman, Hudson usually rakes in millions of dollars in funding from the State of Ala’bama.

And there’s a lot of money to be raked in from Obamacare when genetic testing becomes compulsory. Your involuntary incarceration for the uncommitted crime is very lucrative for the medical care you may not need, the medication that you may not need, and the monitoring you may not need – and very costly for the constitutional rights that no one may end up having any longer.

Survivor Island is just a show, and whether or not John Rocker wins that game, Obamacare and neo-Nazism are no game. The constitution, and literally the future of this country, are being threatened by genomics gone wild. There is already no question in my mind, the cure will prove to be worse than the disease that may not even exist anyway.

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