Who Is Parker Griffith?

We know who he is, but Alabama Republican Governor Robert Bently apparently doesn’t think Mr. Griffith rates quite high enough on the political scale to honor him with a face to face debate. And why should he? Even though Parker Griffith has enough money to mount a statewide campaign for governor, it seems doubtful that he has the political clout to run a close race.

Even still, an analysis of his political career is warranted for those who intend to be informed voters. In the interest of disclosure, I remind the reader that I ran for Huntsville Mayor, shoulder to shoulder, against Parker Griffith in 2004. Neither of us won. As mentioned in a previous column, I once told him he reminds of a used car salesman. Although, my conversations with him were few, which is to say my opinion of his motivations is essentially based on the same information available to the general public.

Many people became disenfranchised with Parker when he switched parties from Democrat to Republican in his run for reelection to congress. He of course lost to current incumbent Republican Mo Brooks. Subsequently, Parker tilted back around to the Democratic party where is now running against Bently. Parker Griffith is a good whip for the democrats, having cut a swath across party lines in an attempt to cultivate acceptance from both sides of the aisle for Obamacare, or socialized medicine.

But really, Parker Griffith is neither a democrat or a republican. He is a big league player in the Medical Industrial Complex who originates from the same Texas roots as George H. Bush. H. Bush, with his “New World Order,” might well be dubbed the father of the modern neo-Nazi movement, and he shares more views than you might think with apparent party opposite Parker Griffith. In fact, Griffith would be more accurately described, along with H., as being a member of the “Aristocratic Party.”

And the fact is, the “Aristocratic Party” is where Parker Griffith gets his campaign money. Meaning that he is filthy rich by virtue of his medical practice, where he raked in millions of millions of dollars collecting insurance money from sick people. And that’s something that aristocrats really like to do. So, while he collects little from the public in the way of donations, Griffith has spent millions on his campaigns out of his own pocket. If he relied on donations, he wouldn’t have had enough to run for dog catcher.

In my view, Parker Griffith would be more at home in the Republican Party, but his real mission is as an Aristocratic Party whip. Although we know the Republicans are now fractured between the TEA party zealots and the regular rank and file, the party is actually run by aristocrats who really like to rake in that money. But, if the republican aristocrats started talking socialized medicine to their own rank and file, you’d end up with a mutiny. Essentially we saw a mutiny occur when the captain of the ship, Newt Gingrinch, refused to honor the party membership by opposing illegal immigration. Grinch would be president today if he had done so, but he really likes raking in the money that businessmen make by exploiting cheap Mexican labor.

Parker Griffith is smarter than that. He knows, and the Medical Industrial Complex knows, that expanding Medicare, and bringing Obamacare to fruition even after Obama is gone, means a lot more sick people will have insurance to get raked over. So, doesn’t that mean he IS a democrat? It’s what we call “conflict of interest.” Because while he is more than willing to support a pork barrel project that will make a bunch of money for his own kind, I suspect he really is quite conservative otherwise.

“Big deal, he sold out.” The trouble is, when people sell out, they are de facto the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Just because it looks like he has the best interest of the socially conscience crowd, it doesn’t mean he really does. It’s been said that as the technology and information revolution winds down, the next big thing will be the revolution in medicine brought about by genomics. I’m all in favor of genetic cancer screening that will facilitate better treatments based on understanding the characteristics of the specific disease, for instance. But, I don’t think an all out eugenics/genocide program constructed on socialized medicine that invades privacy and requires compulsory testing and even genetic engineering for all procreation is a good idea. Compulsory genocide is bad, even if “kindly” done with a smile on the executioners face.

Aristocrats who like raking in money know that risk management is cost effective. And there are many neo-Nazi zealots in this country who never wear a swastika, instead just a coat and tie, or surgical scrubs, who see green, and maybe even supremacist (choose your color), dollar signs at the end of the genomics rainbow. The two are already commingled to the point that it is hard to tell who is well intentioned, and who is an aristocratic, neo-nazi tyrant at heart.

People who sell out and become the wolf in sheep’s clothing usually have trouble drawing a line when it comes to morality, ethics, and individual rights and independence. Who is Parker Griffith? If you’re a liberal democrat, you might want to take a closer look at the political car he’s selling – I think maybe there’s some sawdust in the transmission.

© 2014 – Jim Casey
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