About Valley Fellowship “Church”

Just so there’s no confusion. Valley Fellowship was based on overt, deliberate and systematic child molestation, human trafficking and racketeering. Prosecuting Carol Simon is problematic, but there is no gray area in the equation. She is a rapist and a thief. Although less conclusive, in my opinion, Carol Simon is culpable in the death of Jerry Simon and certainly an accessory after the fact.

There are many fine people in association with that Church who are ignorant, or blind, or maybe just plain corrupt.

I have nothing whatsoever to do with Valley Fellowship or Carol Simon and have not for many years, and would not under any circumstances. I’m grievously sorry that I ever did. My heartfelt advice to anyone who is. You are in a cult that will steal the liberty in Christ that is your Christian birthrite. Leaving a cult roughly akin to that of Jim Jones can be painful and even costly. However, once you have regained your soul, you will never look back.

“What does it profit a man to gain the world and loose his soul?”

You may have money and status and fly airplanes and travel the world. It isn’t worth the lost soul you never even had.

©2021- Jim Casey

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