Veterans Day In Huntsville; A Benchmark Occasion

Well, it’s a benchmark for me, Jim Casey, and TOCC TV.

My live stream video unfortunately turned out to be poor quality but I also saved some footage of this cool helicopter passing by.

First, I’ve resumed live streaming on a new platform, HAPPS. Please visit me there at this link: [ Jim Casey on HAPPS ]. You may recall I had previously live streamed on Periscope which shut down some time ago. I live streamed some of the BLM protests last summer but unfortunately missed the humdinger with tear gas and police lines. Yee ha.

Today, I live streamed a few minutes of the Veterans Day Parade in downtown Huntsville. The focus is still in keeping with the mission of TOCC TV to the extent that I look for any happening that is newsworthy or of public interest. I also attempted to sling it over to Twitter and Twitch with the simulcast option provided by HAPPS. The stream was basically successful and can be seen on HAPPS and Twitter but, I didn’t have all the settings correct on Twitch and although I think it was visible while streaming, a copy didn’t save there. At any rate I’m HAPPie with the preliminary results.

The bad news is that today’s live stream video quality is very poor due to connection problems or bandwidth limitations. But then, this was a first time systems test for me for that very propose, and a number of questions I had about using the platform have been answered.

The video above comes from HAPPS via Twitter and is the first of two today because the stream broke while I was having trouble keeping the orientation on horizontal. Reviewing either you notice some odd frame cropping because of this.

I also note here that both HAPPS and Twitch are first rate streaming platforms with the highest quality video on the internet. I highly recommend either platform for anyone interested in gaming, music, and a host of other categories for both the creator and spectator. Alas, today’s foibles are my own.

Unfortunately, the problems I encountered leave me in a quandary because it is apparent I must upgrade both equipment and internet service in order to present a better video experience – and those items simply aren’t in my budget for the time being.

I’m the mean time, I’m considering some short weekly broadcasts that would be more static alleviating the video quality problems for now. I also need to do some more testing to fully understand the glitches. Stay tuned, I’ll send out notices.

©2021 – Jim Casey

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