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Veterans Day In Huntsville; A Benchmark Occasion

My new beginning with live stream video today was successful but revealed some glitches causing poor video quality. This multi media presentation features Huntsville’s Veteran’s Day Parade in downtown.

About Valley Fellowship “Church”

Just so there’s no confusion. Valley Fellowship was based on overt, deliberate and systematic child molestation, human trafficking and racketeering.

Mayor Tommy Battle, It’s Time To Replace Police Chief Mark McMurray

It’s time for reform that includes a long hard look at the legitimacy of department policy, thorough vetting during hiring, reorganized training, legitimate oversight of department management, and a genuinely independent review board. It’s time Mr. Battle, do your job.

Remembering Longtime Huntsville City Councilman Richard Showers Becomes A Step Back In Time

That’s when I got to know a little bit about Dr. Richard Showers. To be frank, that whole city council was a bunch of clowns. Dr. Showers, Glenn Watson, Bill Kling, Sandra Moon and Dick Hyatt were all up against an upstaging and strident Mayor Loretta Spencer. It didn’t matter what was on the meeting’s agenda, you were sure to get an entertaining show of some kind no matter.

In An Act Of Socialist Jihad Los Angeles Mandates Compulsory Covid Vaccine

There is something just plain wrong with the people attacking their own countrymen in this way. If this is the only way they can advance their agenda and their system, can it really be a good thing?

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