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Danielle Fontenot

Danielle Fontenot is, unfortunately, the perfect example of organized crime and human trafficking out of control. And, why Jeff Sessions and his aristocratic plantation system protected by mollycoddled police is not just insolent, but a threat to the survival of the United States and constitutional democracy as we know it.

Racism And Discrimination Under Colors Of Law

There’s a joke to it. What’s white and black and blue all over? Well, there’s white and black racism, and discrimination based on the blue color of law. Although, Brett Russell do look a little red-bone. Then the joke would be what’s black and white and red all over – making it a newspaper joke. In a way, it’s a little like the Is’s pledge of allegiance – corroborating the international terrorism connection. Hoo ha !!! Won’t it be interesting to see how long John Lee Bullard goes to jail – for compulsory medication by Novocaine – compared to the two dirtbags. Joke’s not that funny, but then, I’m not a newspaper man, I’m a journalist.

Jes Suis’s Mouse?

In Solidarity with Charlie Hebdo and it’s continuing publication this Week, is also making a special run. A million electronic copies of will also be made available for distribution this Wednesday. Just email this page or a link to your friends around the world. And, if they don’t understand the pictures, they can use the search engine translator!


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Joe Biden will make his first appearance today with newly chosen running mate Kamala Harris at a high school in Biden’s Delaware hometown. They will discuss their shared vision for how to defeat President Trump, the coronavirus and the economic fallout.

BREAKING: Officials say reports of serious injuries are coming in after a train derailed in northeast Scotland south of Aberdeen.

Actor and producer @SethRogen says his experience with North Korea-based 2014 comedy ‘The Interview’ changed his barometer for controversy.

Broadway musical ‘Diana’ to be filmed in an empty theater for broadcast on Netflix.

Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil performs in front of a crowd of 70,000 Soviet rock fans during the Moscow Music Peace Festival in Moscow #OTD in 1989. #APPhotoArchive


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