The Summer Of Discontent – Ding!

Well. All due respect to whatever extent is intended but, I’ve had enough Corona Virus and George Floyd both. And, the plain sad fact is, neither one is resolved. But, I’m wore out with it and really need a break from all the mayhem.

Ok, I admit it. I spent most of my big check on Amazon. These days my biggest amusement is sitting around waiting for the phone to ding again telling me where my latest arrival is currently tracking. That ding on the phone with the text message is often more fun than actually receiving whatever it is I ordered. Please Mr. Trump, send another check.

Ok, yeah you guessed it. This is one of my famous wrap-ups. Because the media is obsessed with the two national crisis’s, there’s not much else to write about. I’m just not geared up to go digging deeper into obscure information. And the truth is, I generally slow down my Internet activity this time of year anyway. I know, I’ve got a ton of maintenance to do an my websites, but by golly I’m still providing content. And I do have some overdue observations that have been languishing on the back burner because I’m saturated on the, uh… you know… the national crisis’s.

I know this isn’t popular, but it’s cooled off quit a bit and I’m ready to come out of the closet on the use of military force against U.S. Citizens. Kudos Mr. Trump. There, I said it. “Trump Stands In Front Of St. John’s Holding A Bible.” We call that a “come to Jesus.”

The cold hard fact is, the President of the United States of America was so threatened by violence, destruction and mayhem just feet from the Oval Office that at one point he digressed to the safety of an underground bunker. With all the confusion immediately in front of the White House, it isn’t hard to imagine the anarchists opening the gates to more organized militants coming in under the radar and next thing you know an rpg is blowing up half the White House. Game over.

General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, later apologized for appearing with President Trump while in full uniform. Well, Mr. Milley, Donald J Trump is the Commander in Chief and it simply wasn’t your call. The fact is, it was just the right amount of very serious admonition to settle the tenor of the uprisings and no additional action was required.

In the meantime, I also note The New York Times fired Jim Bennet, the editorial page editor, for printing an Op-Ed by Republican Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton who also called for the use of military force against the anarchists. Goddammit. He’s a US Senator who represents a perspective held by more than a few people. If the New York Times cannot print such an important opinion piece because it doesn’t line up with their version of politically correct – they simply are no longer credible and cannot be trusted with anything they print.

The threats to use military force in an unstable and escalating situation is not the same thing as following through and in fact not a single bullet was fired. Jim Bennet did the right thing and should not have suffered for doing so. The fact is, the New York Times essentially took sides in an undeclared war on constitutional rights by the anarchists.

It’s really inconceivable that any newspaper in the United States grounded in the constitutional rights of free speech and free press would purport to have engaged in the censorship of a U.S. Senator. This is so egregious, I have to wonder exactly who has ownership of the New York Times, what their ulterior motives are and whether the FBI or CIA should be investigating their legal proprieties. Damn.

And, that begs the question of what the hell is wrong with New York? The whole nation has been in an uproar as though people are falling dead in the streets like old people have been dropping like flies in New York’s nursing homes. As of now, the total number of deaths in New York is 25% of the national total while they only have 6% of the national population.

House Representative Steve Scalise (R-La) is the ranking member of the subcommittee on the corona crisis and finally he is raising hell over Andrew Cuomo’s incompetence dealing with the Corona Virus in New York. Read this opinion by Steve Salise in the New York Post:

Gov. Cuomo can’t dodge accountability for nursing home deaths forever

In the mean time. I’m troubled by the virulence of the Corona Virus in the dead of summer. I still believe summer has slowed it down, and that unfortunately means it still has the potential to get worse later this fall and winter. The good news from New York is that their new cases and deaths from Corona Virus did finally fall off to nearly none and there hasn’t been an indication of rebound for several weeks running – but then it is summer and they pretty much cleared the house already.

It’s a catch 22 for states like Alabama where what may have been too much precaution too soon last spring now leaves us with an uptick in Corona Virus cases. Letting it “wash through” the general population now will likely cut the lines of spread next fall and winter, and prevent one big insurmountable spike.

The only real hope to finally eradicate the Corona Virus is a vaccine which is expected by the end of the year or early next year. Aside from being too late to abate any surge next fall when it is most likely to occur, I’m not so sure there’s a guaranteed vaccine on the horizon. Without a vaccine, I don’t know how many years of lock down I can take.

Uh… excuse me… the phone just dinged…

©2020 -Jim Casey

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