Rally in favor of keeping the Confederate monument in downtown Huntsville drew counter protesters and clever police tactics.

Confederate Rally? Build A Wall; Violate Constitutional Rights

The first thing I saw today when covering the Confederate Rally downtown, this time in favor of keeping the monument on the courthouse square, was a clever use for the shoebox shaped public transportation buses. Police used them to build a wall between the folks rallying in favor of the monument, and the protesters located across the street. Not really a particularly brilliant idea, but the ugly boxy buses fit front to back very closely – as though the snug fit discouraging anyone trying to sneak in between was by design.

Illegal Search

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The next thing I saw was typical arrogance of Huntsville police engaging in unconstitutional searches at the most used entry to the rally. This ain’t Panoply, and requiring a permit is constitutionally problematic to begin with, however, the searches are without question an abridgment, and harassment, and a brazen violation of the constitutional right to be free from unreasonable search. The was no probable cause, and therefore the searches create an aversion to exercising the freedom of assembly. In truth, this is exactly the kind of result the terrorists who perpetrated 911 had in mind. Interestingly, only this “entry” was subjected to the illegal searches with the three other approaches to the rally from different directions were nearly wide open with no check points.

Illegal Search

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I was actually surprised that there weren’t more participants in favor of keeping the monument. The protesters across the street outnumbered the supporters by three to one. As is typical of the Alt Left, they were extremely loud and deliberately attempting, in spite of the Wall of Buses, to disrupt the peacefully orchestrated support rally. One lady entertainer attempted to play guitar and sing but was almost drowned out by the raucous protesters across the street. One rebel man attempted to fly the confederate colors high above the buses in answer to the rowdy bunch across the street, but was turned back to his own side by police.

The rally had been scheduled for all afternoon, but I only stayed around for a little more than an hour. Roy Moore was also in town this morning speaking to a group of republicans at the Von Braun Civic Center, and I thought he might make a surprise guest appearance in favor of the Confederate rally. Once I was convinced he wasn’t going to show up, I left. Other reports did not indicate any problems or violence – the Wall of Buses did seem to work.

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Confederate Rally? Build A Wall; Violate Constitutional Rights

Confederate monument rally in downtown Huntsville flushes out bad cops and rowdy protesters.

Uppity White Folks Meet In Downtown Huntsville

The Uppity Alt Left demonstrates in downtown Huntsville while in the shadow of the Solar Eclipse.

Charlottesville !!! It’s About The Constitution Stupid !

And for Mr. Trump, I’ve stated my opinion that the monuments should be moved. Beyond that, I can’t possibly see how you could have handled the situation in Charlottesville any better. You’ve got my approval rating for this one.

Juneteenth – Confederate Monuments

As a native Alabamian, I am sick and tired of the perpetuation of stupidity that the damn monument represents. If you wish to honor your relative dead for more than 150 years, let it be done in Maple Hill cemetery, where this particular monument belongs.

Alabama Confederate Monuments Are Racism Pure And Simple

As a native Alabamian, I am sick and tired of the perpetuation of stupidity that the damn monument represents. If you wish to honor your relative dead for more than 150 years, let it be done in Maple Hill cemetery, where this particular monument belongs.

Huntsville Black Lives Meets Fallen Officers

Never-the-less, it is my opinion that municipal police departments throughout this country are suffering from deeply ingrained corruption, that often is based on classicism just as much as race, as opposed to a few bad apples here or there. Therefore, I wonder if the change in plans might be just a bit more sublimation than propriety warrants. Cop lives certainly matter, but the imbalance in perception after Dallas was clearly evidenced by some who suddenly decided there is a war – where the hell have they been already?

Huntsville’s Ferguson Protesters: Jail The Killer Cop!

Protesters gathered on Huntsville’s East Side Square in front of the Madison County Courthouse at 5p.m. this evening. Organized by Uhuru, according to Al.com, the crowd of about 50 peaceful protesters chanted “Jail the killer cop” and “This is what resistance looks like.”

Art Stogner, Jason Moore, And Child Molestation In Huntsville City Schools

The offense was strictly taboo, and as class president I immediately considered it my responsibility to correct the problem. I turned around and headed up three or four flights of bleachers and down the row, grabbing the flag pole and demanding that it be relinquished into my custody.

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