Trump Delivers Reality Check: Dreamers Be Dreamin’ A Dream

So, what’s wrong with dreamin’? Well, at face value, not much. I have been steadfastly opposed to illegal immigration and remain so now. But, even I have a soft spot for the notion that some kid brought here when they were only five years old is now 22 years old and earning an income and might have to be sent back to live in a country they don’t even know. It is, unfortunately, much more complicated than that.

The most important issue is the fact that Obama’s executive order known as “DACA” was not constitutional in the first place. If it’s cruel to send 800,000 Dreamers back to Mexico, how much more cruel is it to consider that literally hundreds of thousands of Americans have died in defense of the constitutional government that Barack Obama summarily dismantled with the stroke of a pen? Essentially, when congress wouldn’t send Obama a bill in regard to the so called “Dreamers” he made up his own congressional legislation and then signed it.

President Donald J Trump has done exactly the right thing by “rescinding” a “law” that actually doesn’t exist anyway. There is nothing more important than preserving the constitutional process that does in fact work. And, Mr. Trump is to be commended for going the extra steps and admonishing congress to address the question of DACA and giving them six months to do so. If it really is so inhumane and heartless, and if it really is the right thing to do, then why not expect that congress will do the right thing. It does beg the question, why couldn’t congress come to a consensus when Obama was president? We are a country with fifty states that all deserve to be represented. If congress doesn’t extend DACA it will be because a majority of American people, citizens, don’t think it’s such a good idea after all.

Here are some realities that the Alt Left doesn’t like to be reminded of. For starters, black men are the hardest to employ because of the increased job competition. And yet black people seem more often to support the “human rights” of illegal immigration to begin with. Are they really being compassionate at their own expense? Hardly, the fact is we have seen over and again that the Alt Left are the ones who become violent – they are fighting a war. Their ulterior motive supposes that immigrants will ultimately become US citizens and that they will vote in favor of the Alt Left. Fifteen million additional liberal voters, or even just the votes of 800,000 Dreamers would potentially change the outcome of national, state, and local elections. The Alt Left liberals are gerrymandering – pure and simple.

Some more of the reality. “American’s don’t want those jobs.” Well, hell, that’s part of our contract with American capitalism. If no one wants the job, the job don’t pay enough, the working conditions aren’t safe and healthy, the hours are excessive, the benefits are inadequate, etc. It’s called supply and demand. The employers have to improve the attractiveness of the job when no one wants it. It’s not fair to stack the deck by bringing in people from a third world country where the exchange rate makes a couple American dollars worth ten times as much by sending it home, or where drugs, gangs and violence go unchecked because “good people” flee rather than cleaning up their own country.

And the truth is, while the Dreamers may be pulling their own weight, they are also displacing people at those upscale jobs as well, and they still have a lot of motivation not to participate fully in the process by demanding better wages and benefits. They are still downgrading the work ethic and opportunity for Americans who then may find themselves slipping down the ladder.

This actually brings me to another point. Nationalism is NOT necessarily “racist nationalism.” In fact, I like good Mexican folks just fine. They are, sometimes, just like every other cultural group and they have their bad apples. But the fact is, we have liberal immigration policies that allow for many, many people to come to this country and to contribute and to earn citizenship. They are all welcome in my book, even if they don’t look quite like me. Nevertheless, I AM an American, and I expect that my own country maintain it’s integrity and values by enforcing that immigration policy in a manner that facilitates assimilation and cultural and government awareness. That don’t make me a racist. There was even a time when I recognized the necessity of lowering our trade barriers. Times change, adjustments have to be made, and I now lean more toward “nationalism.” Why not?

I don’t have respect for the Alt Left that continues to fight a war that isn’t in the best interest of anyone, and that will summarily destroy the very foundation that made “diversity” possible in the first place. Being a nation of many people, different people, all working together to make it work – means ALL, not just the Alt Left and what the Alt Left wants. The Alt Left has to learn about “tolerance” and “inclusion” and “compromise.” If you don’t want to go back to the olden days, I recommend you work with the system that is already working with you, and the other people in it that you don’t necessarily agree with. You’ll matter more if you do, and we will all be better off.

Donald Trump has done many things that I don’t completely agree with, ending DACA isn’t one of them. Donald Trump has done his job – either way, now it’s time for congress to do it’s job.


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