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So, let’s get some things straightened out here. While I know it’s not politically correct, somebody’s got to do it, so to speak. Pete Bootie Dredge is leading with Bernie Sanders in the Iowa caucus.

There, I did it. I said “Bootie Dredge.” The Iowa caucus may be  irrelevant, but when one’s name so coercively begs the point, so to speak, it’s relevant to make a note of it in the media. Because of context, if he were to be elected,  Pete Buttigieg the gay former mayor of South Bend, would be constantly embroiled and bogged down in the LGBTQ connotations – whether it be his intention or not. It’s not my intention to make this a statement on LGBTQ either way, butt of course, he doesn’t have a snow balls chance in hell anyway.

On to number two. I’ve never been a late night kinda guy so when the State of the Union comes on, I usually find it to be mildly sedating,  about like a glass of warm milk. I might even compare it to the Democratic debates in terms of boring, but I didn’t watch the Democratic debates because they were irrelevant.

I did watch, still to be at four o’clock today President Trump’s, State of the Union last night. I then promptly turned off the tube comfortable in knowing the democratic response, aside from boring, would be especially irrelevant.

The address wasn’t especially rousing, but it was what Mr. Trump does best. There were no great revelations, no really exciting news, and not really any disputable points among the many positive accolades he cited interspersed with inarguable, gut wrenching, human interest stories. He held the audience skillfully by strategically changing gears and shifting focus by enough degrees to keep interest.

I ’bout keeled over laughing when he turned his head a little too far to the left toward Nancy Pelosi and drew a long snort as if he smelled something bad coming from that direction. And I’m not sure, but I think he said “stankuary” when referring to cities and California harboring illegal aliens.

The final point of levity, too irrelevant to argue over either way, was the hastily awarded by First Lady Melania Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh. Recently announced he is stricken with stage four lung cancer, Rush has never been one of my favorites and, while I wish him no harm, I suppose he will indeed be set free in the not too distant future.

There was also, of course, an undertow of contempt, depending on how you interpret the remarks by the President still embroiled in the impeachment campaign led by House Speaker Nancy Peelowsee. I don’t know the stats but wonder if any other of the impeached presidents gave their State of the Union amid the impeachment stride.

I watched what amounts to a brilliant re-election speech all the way to the end when Nancy Peelowsee took her copy of the talk and tore it into shreds. In the immediate light of President Trump’s acquittal of an impeachment that is largely regarded as a ridiculous charade, even by those who don’t admit it, and that is an abuse of power by democrats and a hindrance to governance, Peelowsee’s supposed display of contempt comes off like a childish tantrum. She actually added to President Trump’s carefully inserted moments of levity.

Today, around four o’clock I’m told, the entire impeachment dog and pony show will end when the Senate votes and the acquittal becomes official.  A little denouement, a little chuckle, a nice creamy dinner – and President Trump’s reelection is now more likely than it was – when Pete Bootie Dredge was still mayor of South Bend.

©2020 – Jim Casey    

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