Exposing The Deep State Conspiracy Of Corruption

Exposing deep state corruption is often tenuous for more than one reason. Many people actually know about deep state corruption but the suspicion of disbelief or a simple lack of integrity doesn’t allow them to modify their behavior to reflect what they know to be true.

For example, when explaining deep state corruption to me as a kid, dad said elections are really just the grand finale of a carefully orchestrated good cop, bad cop routine. He said outcomes are predetermined and that the dog and pony show was something akin to that Star Trek episode where people cooperatively line up to be put to death because their number came up in a computerized version of war. It would be more humane, right? It really is like that, you know.

So, I asked dad why he even bothered to vote. Well son, he told me, at least he can leave out from work early on voting day and after all he felt it his duty to cancel out mom’s vote which he surely knew. You can’t be too careful he said.

As a journalist, exposing deep state corruption often means referencing anonymous sources. That has gotten some journalists in trouble when the corrupt legal system demands to know who they are. The irony is, even though you might know and trust your anonymous source, you don’t necessarily know who they are. Usually, my observations and experience tell me that when corruption in the legal system starts attacking 1st amendment right, the legal agents themselves, judges, attorneys, politicians, etc. are corrupt and want the information not in the name of justice – but rather to cover their own stinking ass. Which also means, if they can come up with an “anonymous source” they can take it all of context and manipulate the story making everyone else a scapegoat for their own deep state corruption.

Here below are a few notes I’ve pinned on my FB page adding snippets from time to time. The blurbs are short and incomplete so they might not make alot of sense at face value. Nevertheless I’m placing them here for my official record and so that folks that do understand deep state corruption will have a better understanding.



It’s now time for Kay Ivey to resign and move on.

I don’t really think “Huntsville’s mayor was a pathological rapist…” is a good legacy for Tommy Battle much less the City of Huntsville. We never needed an overgrown toddler to do that job in the first place. Since the FBI has no intention of ending Battles’ tirade of war crime, it’s time for him to resign and and seek asylum outside the states.

The FBI should take Tom Butler into custody for playing a pivotal roll in the syndicated organized crime ring based on child molestation, extortion, torture, false imprisonment, human trafficking, under RICO.

(When taking Donna Pate into custody, the FBI/Homeland Security should add two counts of “parading the witness” to charges.)

Donna Pate and Frank Barger clearly have no plausible contrition for their participation in syndicated organized crime based on premeditated child molestation, extortion, torture, false imprisonment, human trafficking and racketeering instead engaging in obstructive tactics to cover the corruption of other judges and their “families” i.e. “Snuffy” Smith, M D. Smith etc.

The system of moral turpitude is obviously systemic in the Smith family and in their control of law enforcement and especially the district courts dating back to the Meredith Calhoun and his bride, who was a prolific slave trader and apparently proactively enforced eugenics, ethnic cleansing, genocide and Holocaust. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

Therefore, I’m calling on the FBI to take all of these into custody under RICO and advise these crimes rise to the level of domestic terrorism and therefore invoke the Dept. of Homeland Security to move forward participating in the investigation and prosecution of the syndicated crime ring.


“Vance was purportedly the head of a secret yet powerful inter-fraternity organization known as The Machine…”
Now, let’s call upon the FBI to investigate Jr. and his connections and dealings with organized crime.

‘Why my dad?’ Judge recalls father’s legacy as bomber’s execution nears

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Exposing The Deep State Conspiracy Of Corruption

Exposing deep state corruption is often tenuous for more than one reason.

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