Hawk gets a squirrel at the drive through
Hawk gets a squirrel at the drive through

Hawk Gets A Squirrel At The Drive Through

Out and about biking yesterday in east Huntsville a nice young lady waved me over and said, “look at this.”

There sat the hawk in the photo above with one talon holding down a squirrel. The squirrel was not offering any resistance at this point and had already ceased any movement what-so-ever.

In just a minute or two there were five onlookers within 15 feet, cameras snapping photos, but the hawk held fast not moving or budging at all. I supposed the squirrel was deemed too heavy to take flight with as we were all amazed we were quite so close. This drive through dinner was not going to be foresaken.

The onlookers dispersed quickly not wanting to further antagonize the hawk who certainly was feeling some anxiety over all the attention.

Passing by the same spot today there were some leftovers – maybe for the turkey buzzards sometimes seen circling above…

©2020 – Jim Casey

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