Trump Flushed Out Turncoat Republicans With Border Emergency; Paul Manafort; New Zealand Live

VETO! It is hard to imagine the irresponsible short sighted thinking of the twelve senate republican traitors who passed the resolution against the presidents emergency declaration. Fortunately, they won’t be able to override his veto. If 76k illegal aliens entering monthly isn’t an emergency, I wonder what is.

How to be fair to those already here that have been contributing in good faith is one thing, but no one should disagree that the hemorrhaging must be stopped. It’s irresponsible and inhumane to give false hope to the hoards of migrants.

In a way, though, Mr. Trump ascends to the full power of his presidency and as Commander in Chief with his veto.

It does appear that Paul Manafort engaged in some illegal activity that deserves the justice that has been served. Some say the sentencing was too light. Aside from the fact that the Russian witch hunt has uncovered no collusion thus far, the whole process against Mr. Manafort strikes a chord suggesting that while not innocent, there is more amiss than his own foibles. The immediate indictments by New York state smells vindictive and makes me wonder if the corrupt and/or incompetent FBI is focusing it’s investigative resources where they really ought to be. Trump ought to give him the pardon.

The news of massacre in Christchurch is reprehensible. Even still I don’t agree that their already strict gun control is the answer. But what’s different about this event is that the gunman live streamed his assault on social media.

To be sure, I believe in a wide open Internet for open dialogue and cultural edification including live streaming on websites. However, because of it’s nature, I thought it an irresponsible idea that Facebook would allow live streaming at all. Facebook is not the open internet and has repeatedly shown they intend to advance their platform like a bull in a China shop. Zuckerberg’s mantra seems to be “kill them all and let God sort them out later.” Ha ha. Maybe not such a good idea.

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