Twittering The Great Debate!

I am pleased to announce, although not running as a republican (I am
Independent), I will be the only conservative participating in tomorrow
night’s presidential debate.

That as a result of Mitt Romney once again demonstrating himself to be
a liberal democrat, flippy flopping on his pledge to oppose illegal
immigration. I believe I recall hearing someone refer to Barack Obama
as a once warmed over carbon copy of Benedict Romney. They could now
be seen as the twin sons of different mothers.

So again, I am inviting you to join in and follow my responses on
Twitter as I participate in the debate beginning at 8:00 pm ct being
broadcast on most major TV networks.

Jim Casey Campaign Twitter

In view of the fact that the non-existent print edition of the
Huntsville Times will be unable to report on the debate on Thursday
morning, I suggest you bookmark my Campaign Twitter, whereby you can
review the most important parts of the debate at your leisure.

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