Turmoil In Afghanistan; Confusion On The Homefront

I‘m certainly concerned about our people in Afghanistan but can’t really understand how the Huntsville community can ignore concentration camps in their own back yards.

The DRM, IMS First Stop etc. are already essentially closed loop systems of human trafficking and because some social elements are engaged in jihad on the interior, these systems literally rise to neo-nazi enforcement.

Over the years more lives are lost and ruined by organized crime dumping and exploiting human victims into systems like this. Thousands in Huntsville, millions nation wide. The hypocrisy of “Christian” Churches and so-called “benevolent” community groups never ceases to amaze me.

Bloody heros in Afghanistan sure do make for tear-jerking mellowdramtic homecomings and heart warming flag worship at football games. However, the real carnage is in your own backyard.

Many pseudo-Christian Churches are already planning “wedding” celebrations, lunches and buffets in communion of the 20th anniversary of 911. Sickening.

In 20 years the US has bent over backwards bastardizing the system destroying liberty and independence in many areas – just exactly what the terrorists wanted.

I guess the secret communions and weddings are more important than the sacrifices outback. Fortunately, because of the mayhem of exiting Afghanistan American anger and discontent this 911 will be focused on the outside enemy instead of the one within.

Wait, whut? Doesn’t the Bible say something about that?

©2021 – Jim Casey

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