Trump’s State Of The DisUnion

Trump’s States of the DisUnion turned out to be a snoozer rivaled apparently by only the Super Bowl. But, I can’t say for sure because I don’t watch the Super Bowl anyway. I did get through most of the SOTU lapsing into siesta only one time near the end and only for about ten minutes.

I had feared that his “call for unity” would be a too aggressive surrender to the Pelosi socialists. In fact he held his ground and gave a surprise by condemning socialism with a twist of contempt.

The most remarkable observation I had was of the “democratic” women in white dresses who also wore in unison a sulking seething frown upon their faces until, and only when their “progress” as women was recognized.

In truth, Trump’s accomplishments are many and most reflect benefits that the white dress brigade should appreciate. Their collective self-centered tantrum would be worthy of any grade school child having been admonished by the monitor for talking.

Enough already. These are elected members of congress and that level of immaturity is simply not acceptable. Women should be represented but the show was the very definition of hystrionic and begs reconsideration of more traditional roles for women.

Dear other states in the union: If your female cry-baby hasn’t yet grown up, please don’t send her to congress. Mature people have business to tend to. Whether they agree or not – the tantrum is unproductive.

© 2019 – Jim Casey