Tommy Battle, Lewis Morris And Systemic Municipal Corruption

Systemic Corruption And Incompetence In Municipal Justice Complex – Reeks Of Southern Plantation

I have mentioned the molestation and torture in Huntsville City Schools that I was a victim of in previous columns on That abuse was deliberate and sophisticated, designed to inflict injuries, using both psychological and physical means. Subsequently the injuries were exploited in order to protract the consequences, and to facilitate cover-up. Sparing the personal details, those injuries have been very costly for me as an individual.

As I have also mentioned, much of that conspiracy which was and still is apparently related to human trafficking, occurred primarily at what was then called Madison Pike Elementary School. Madison Pike was a good school at face value, and most students who attended there were not singled out for attack, and wouldn’t have recognized or witnessed the abuse that was going on that involved some other students. The principle for most of the time I was a student at Madison Pike was a venerable old man name Lewis J. Morris (Sr.). Years later the school was renamed after him, and is today called “Lewis J. Morris Elementary school.

Huntsville’s current Police Chief, Lewis J. Morris Jr., is the apparent son of the former school principle, Lewis J. Morris (Sr.). Since I have filed more than thirty pro-Se litigation’s, most naming the City of Huntsville and Madison Pike as defendants, and since I have sent countless registered letters and emails to the mayor’s office in regard to the liability owed to me by the City of Huntsville, I cannot help but come to the conclusion that the ascension of Lewis Morris Jr. to Police Chief is not just an insulting slap in my face, but is also largely part of the cover-up, and pay off for what occurred at Madison Pike when I was a student there – not to mention an endorsement of child molestation by Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle.

This story is the perfect example of deeply ingrained and systemic corruption. Because, aside from the injuries that I have suffered as an individual, there have been many, many more negative results that have manifested over the years that have proven to be costly the community and tax-payers. The most recent of which is the excessive use of force by police officers who shot and killed knife wielding Reginald Owens.

Huntsville’s Gestapo Strikes Again!
No doubt about it, knives can be dangerous, as evidenced by the recent be-headings of singled out westerners by Middle Eastern Islamic extremists. All the knife wielding terrorist needed to do the dirty deed, was a fixed blade knife about six inches long… and a hostage with a bag over his head, and his hands tied behind his back, and a dozen or so like minded henchmen with automatic weapons on stand by.

Even closer to home, and more to the point, I recently published this column on in regard to another individual who I believe was victimized – at the same school, and at the same time.

Art Stogner, Jason Moore, And Child Molestation In Huntsville City Schools
Art Stogner and I grew up on the same street together, just a few houses apart and around the bend. We are the same age and went to school together in the same grade from 1st to high school graduation. We played little league baseball together. His father, who died just six months ago, was our coach for the last two years I played little league baseball for the Continental Cardinals.

And, there is a another third rail in the equation that certainly cannot be regarded as a coincidence. As it happens, the current District Attorney of Madison County, Rob Broussard, lived in the same neighborhood, and attended that same school at the same time as both Art Stogner and myself. Some of the kids actually referred to the neighborhood as the “Devil’s Triangle.”

I have expressed a great deal of contempt for Mr. Broussard as well. Because of the level of organized crime involved, it may very well be that his predestination was actually the catalyst that lead to so much more mayhem. I’m more disgruntled over the things Rob Broussard hasn’t done, as opposed to the things he has.

One such incident of recent note is the contempt for justice shown by the DA’s office in the case of Amy Bishop Anderson. I feel relatively certain that Rob Broussard must understand that his own “predestination” also provides the structure for the negative results so many others have suffered, and that ultimately add up to human trafficking. Just such a case, Amy Bishop is certainly guilty of her crime, but I have to frankly agree with the comments of her court appointed attorney, Roy Miller, who said said she’s crazy as a cuckoo clock, or something thereabouts. Ms. Bishop is regarded as schizophrenic and claims to have no memory of the crime. In my opinion her sentencing should be tempered on that reality, and she should have treatment made available. The cut-throat eye-for-and-eye mentality projected by Rob Broussard and his staff toward Any Bishop seems like a Freudian attempt to cover his own dirty tracks.

In a way, that brings the story back around to Police Chief Lewis Morris who said matter-of-fact that it was a shame someone had to get killed in the Reginald Owens incident. The news release by the Police Dept said: “After careful review of the evidence and testimony, the Board concluded that the Officer’s actions were in accordance with Departmental policies. Huntsville Police Chief Lewis Morris concurred with the findings of the Review Board and the Officers involved have been returned to full duty status.”

The review board roster reads like the good ‘ol boy club of risk management for HPD, the city, and the county. With the potential for legal suit against them, and an inevitable large settlement – could anyone really believe they would have come to any other conclusion? It should also be noted that the Police Citizens Advisory Council, appointed by the mayor and city council, were also represented at the hearing. They even had a public meeting, and although I did not attend, I have checked their Facebook page, and there is no mention of the incident whatsoever.

Sticks, Stones, And Broken Bones

But, the plot continues to thicken. Not only is it clear that there is a problem in HPD and the DA’s office, three people have died of medical complications at the Metro Jail in the last year. According to the jail was already under federal court order to provide adequate medical care, and the jail et. al. is now being sued in those three cases. One inmate died from gangrene, one from complications from broken bones, and yet another from an obstructed bowel. The brazen criminal negligence of jail officials is obvious at face value.

Beyond that, there has been as many as a dozen deaths from violence in the Jail in the last fifteen years. It truly is astonishing that in the 21st century, in a modern and wealthy city like Huntsville, that the penal system is stuck in the draconian dark ages of the Southern Plantation. There seems to be a number of places where the blame should go. I would suggest first and foremost, that the current Mayor of Huntsville, Tommy Battle, is the perfect example of the wrong things to do, and that have already been done over the years, leading to what is an absolutely untenable depth of systemic and ingrained corruption and incompetence in the Municipal justice system.

Mr. Battle is a businessman, who is running the city for the sake of his business buddies. Not in a businesslike manner – but as a business. As mayor, he is responsible for the Police Dept. as well as all other city functions. But, it is apparent that the Police Dept., and it’s militia groups, is running itself. Mr. Battle’s goal as Mayor is perfectly illustrated by the 1% rise in sales tax that the City Council passed last year, under the cover of the holiday season, to built yet another road somewhere out on the West side, where his real estate and business buddies will rake in a bunch off money off of development and sales.

That a jailer can’t see someone is dying because it’s too expensive to bother with, that a poorly trained police officer finds it more efficient to kill someone wielding a knife because it’s “in accordance with Departmental policies,” and he can get away with it, that gang violence in the jail can go totally unchecked allowing an innocent victim to be brutally murdered, that the promotion of Lewis Morris Jr. actually stands as an endorsement of child molestation and torture… are all the exemplary results of the attitude that Tommy Battle embraces. Such is the barbaric nature of organized crime.

And there’s still another twist in the same equation. I just about fell out my chair when I heard Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Casey Wardynski start making excuses for segregation in the schools system by literally invoking the Plessy v. Ferguson concept of “separate but equal.” The Supreme Court struck down that case in the 1954 case Brown v. Board of Education. Not only is Wardynski standing in direct defiance of federal law, apparently he also wants to go back to the southern plantation of the 1850’s. Worse yet, the Huntsville BOE supported Wardynski, and extended his contract.

Then, you have to wonder, what is wrong with the FBI? What the hell do they do anyway? Only a moron, or someone benefiting from criminal activity, could possibly fail to see the depth of corruption and incompetence in the City of Huntsville and Madison County. If the FBI can’t make a case, and clean house, the only conclusion is that they are grossly incompetent, or deeply corrupt themselves.

What I do know is this. As the American economy continues it’s slide, and greed, corruption and decadence continue to grow for the well-to-do, Huntsville, a neat little cotton town all grown up on the space complex, will one day begin to look a lot like Ferguson, Illinois. In many ways we are already there. If you are already tired of hearing about it, unless city leaders adjust their fascist priorities to reflect basic morals and to run the city based on ethical and human realities, you won’t just be hearing about it, you’ll be seeing it on the news, and in your own backyard – and in the Metro Jail.

A couple of footnotes:

It is my opinion that the public has a right to know the names of trigger happy cops. Therefore, I sent an email to HPD’s media relations contact, as per the Freedom of Information Act, requesting the names of the two officers involved in the murder of Reginald Owens. Of course, I have received no reply. Journalists know that a request for compliance with the FOI are often deflected, given the run-around, and otherwise squelched by overpricing administrative fees to produce the information – not exactly a legal way to once again defy legitimate law.

I also sent an email to the Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council requesting information in regard to their review of the Reginald Owens incident. They have not replied either. Once again, whether or not the officers can technically get away with excessive force ought not to be the point. And, a “Citizens” advisory council ought not be a rubber stamp cover-up for HPD.

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