TOCC TV is not live streaming at this time [ Bookmark Live Page ] Born Again! Red HOT Uploads is born again and alive and kicking!

If you’re reading this on mobile, you know that I’ve discovered a WordPress mobile pack, and have it installed and working for the Red HOT Uploads section of

As always, every the site gets a makeover, it takes me awhile to figure it out, go through the fine tuning and optimize the results for the best possible presentation.

Already, there a some issues with the mobile presentation, but I will be searching for some additional themes for both the desktop and the mobile templates. When I find the theme with the right flexibility, and get the kinks ironed out and the fine tuning done, I most likely will apply WordPress to the entire presentation.

So bear with me. Changes will be incremental, and always, hopefully, for the better. If you are experiencing any trouble with the mobile section on your device, or have any suggestions, please let me know:

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