Debate II – Ho Hum Conundrum

Rancorous maybe, but I really didn’t see the second debate as
exceptional amoung debates. Obama did as expected. He sharpened focus
and displayed more assertiveness. Romney was predictable as usual,
flip flopping consistently.

Neither offered any new information, and only reinforced their agenda
in the debate. No wonder then that the media, and some of the
electorate, are judging the outcome based on manner, style, and “how
did it feel.” The consensus is that Obama won. I would have called it closer to a tie.

Their mockish sparring really seemed more like dance practice, before
the audience arrives, to me. The rankerishness just looked like going
through the motions. Some are saying that at one “tense” moment during
the debate, that the secret service might have had to pull them apart.
Even that observation has been made in jest, but it does start one to

What if there had been an ass whoopin? Romney, the great white hope,
is not a little guy. With all the flip flopping he does, he likely has
a mean karate drop kick. Yahhh! Obama, if a little clumsy playing
basketball, is the street wise community organizer, and could probably
call up the boys in the hood faster than a New York car-jacking.

Something like that would really be interesting, and good for ratings
too. But, it might start looking like a civil war pretty quick. That’s
a mighty high price to pay for entertainment. Not good.

Almost as a kind of foot note,
one contentious point in the debate focused on the attack on the
Libyan consulate that left American ambassador Chris Stevens, and
three others, dead. For conspiracy theorists, this one is a no
brainer. For Huntsvillians, it’s a glimpse into the workings of
international terrorism come home. Or, is it just upscale RICO?
Affiliation and parallel don’t seem to make much difference to the
dead folks.

The fact is, there is enough evidence for Homeland Security and the
Madison County District attorney’s office, to warrant a successful
investigation. The central focus is Abu Shagur who spent 17 years
living and teaching in Huntsville, who was elected as Libyan Prime
Minister while the dust was still rising, and who little more than
days later was removed from that post by a vote of no-confidence.
These are not coincidences, but apparently a unified theory eludes the

It maybe how the system really works. But then, the system is really
run by self serving fascists who aren’t really too concerned about
regular folks.

It is also interesting to note, if the election seems close according
to voter polls, credible political analysts at UA Huntsville have
predicted a landslide electoral win for Obama. Based on their
information, Romney doesn’t really have a chance.

(c) 2012 – Jim Casey Red HOT Uploads