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Audio Tribute In Reply To CBS
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During the execution of Timothy, CBS News ran a tribute to the victims that
was unabashedly mellow dramatic. It isn’t that the victims don’t deserve consideration.
Certainly they do. The OKC bombing, however, was a complicated event that clearly
had many serious overtures other than the loss of the 168 victims. This report is
intended to provoke more intelligent thought than the simple notion that some crazed
mad man decided to kill a bunch of people. No offense is intended here for those still
living, or dead, who were adversely affected by the bombing.
No apology, however, is offered either. This RealAudio production, converted to mp3 for mobile, was made
using some of the same material as the CBS News production, and is intended to
provide the contrast and balance, in an equal measure, to CBS’s presentation.

(c) 2001 — Mr. Jim Casey
Selected audio clips courtesy of CBS News & Time Warner Inc.

© 2001, 2012 – Jim Casey
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