The Solidarity Of Law Enforcement Jihad | Tamir Rice : Nothing But A Gooked Up Piece Of Shit

The “expert” reports are in, Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann was “reasonable” when he murdered 12 Tamir Rice in a Cleveland park, apparently playing cops and robbers with a toy gun – and with no one else around.


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This TOCC TV cover from October 16, 2015 illustrates a Gazebo in a downtown Huntsville park. Aside from the snow that makes this a serene and beautiful scene, it seems to be the same type of park and gazebo where 12 year old Tamir Rice was murdered by Cleveland police.

Of course, the two reports were both commissioned by the prosecutors on behalf of the City of Cleveland, and were compiled by “outsiders” who were in fact law enforcement officers acting on behalf of other law enforcement officers.

The City of Huntsville has a similar system for laundering criminal activity and jihad by police. It’s an advisory committee hand picked by the city council, and whose job it is to limit liability, politically and economically, when Huntsville police officers commit felony crimes and violate the legal rights of citizens they have targeted for “Novocaine And Jihad.”

While it may seem doubtful that Tamir Rice was directly “targeted” by Cleveland police, it is categorically ridiculous to suggest that a police officer who rushed onto the scene of an empty playground gazebo with a lone little boy was reasonable in exercising deadly force within two seconds of arriving.

There was no crowd. There was no confusion. There were no bodies on the ground. There was plenty of room to stand back. There was plenty of time to evaluate the situation and proceed with caution – because at face value, even if the gun had been real, the area was basically clear and there was obviously no immanent threat. Unless Tamir was planning to shoot the goldfish in the pond…

The only immanent threat was officer Timothy Loehmann who was in some kind of delusional and psychotic haze as he fired off the shots that left an innocent little boy dead for nothing more than hanging out at the playground. Timothy Loehmann is apparently mentally ill, someone probably should study his algorithms. It is worthy of note also, a kid hanging out at the playground is a kid who isn’t prowling around the hood looking for drugs or other kinds of trouble.

Of course, the other immanent threat unseen but present was the City of Cleveland who wants to send poorly trained snot nosed smart alecks into the field with the expectation of little or no liability when the “police officer” acts irresponsibly, or as part of his gang affinity, when he murders a child in cold blood.

Not unlike Madison Alabama officer and deadbeat garbage Eric Parker who couldn’t resist showcasing his bravado for a new recruit when he injured an innocent grandpa for life, Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann should be prosecuted just like any other low life thug who injures, or murders, without a legitimate reason.

There was no reason. Timothy Loehmann should be sentenced to life without parole, or because of his wanton disregard for an innocent child – if there is a situation that calls for the death penalty – this is it. And, let the City of Cleveland get a hefty civil payout in the millions – not so much for the family who will never recover from the permanent death of Tamir – but as a punitive measure to teach them a lesson about hiring cheap riffraff and providing cut-rate inadequate training.

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