The Incarnate Evil Of Google

Reports today indicate that Internet giant Google has stated in a lawsuit that GMail users have no legitimate expectation of privacy. One report refers to the revelation as a “stunning admission.” Google’s long held mantra of “do no evil” would seem laughable except that the breach of privacy is so egregious. Instead, I would refer to Google as incarnate evil – and already have.

Google says opening your mail is akin to an office assistant checking it for you, however, another source says it’s like the post office reading your mail before it is ever delivered. I agree. Some suggest that Google has been forthright in divulging it’s intent to rifle through your mail as an exchange for services. I don’t really think that’s a fair statement. In truth, no one would have imagined that any email provider would be so brazen as to scan your personal emails. When they first launched GMail, people were eager to sign on, but no one reads the fine print. If the post office were to arbitrarily read your mail, most likely someone would be prosecuted on federal charges. While Google is a private company, the very nature of personal communications ought to be protected as a legal issue. Private business has rules and laws they must abide. So should Google.

The Internet launch has been laxly regulated, ostensibly because lawmakers wanted to provide a wide open platform for a new industry to grow. That excuse was fine for awhile, but then comes along the NSA and we find out that government indifference to electronic privacy is in part due to the abuses by those very people who are vested in seeing to it that constitutional rights are not violated in the first place. They only government oversight seems to be in an effort to start collecting state and local taxes. It seems Washington no longer even has the pretense of representing the American people, nothing but the money counts.

It’s time for Congress and the courts to crack down on privacy invasion on the Internet, both by the government and by the business sector. Then when they collect taxes, it will be in the best interest of the tax payers, and voting citizens.


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