Rainbow Borg Uniformity Swallows Independence And Individualism

Whut? Ok, I admit, I do not understand.

I just heard on the local news that two of the five public high schools in Huntsville have opted to require students to wear uniforms in school. Private Catholic high school also wears uniforms. Apparently, in the City of Huntsville, each individual school can determine whether they will wear uniforms or not. Uniforms mind you, not a uniform dress code. As it happens, one of the high schools choosing uniforms is the one that I graduated from oh so many years ago. I cannot imagine. I have always agreed with a uniform dress code, but apparently today’s students are too unruly, for some reason, to be allowed to choose decent, if self expressive attire for their daily instruction. Gawd help me I cannot breath!

I am sorry, but this discussion is impossible without discussing demographics and race, because you see, the high school I graduated from is very, very different from the same occupied building today. In fact, both high schools in question are largely black, and nowadays both represent a larger share of families who live in poverty, and generally have a lower income than the other three high schools that are less minority and are more likely to have upper income families.

So, what don’t I understand? Well, how is it that black folks who fought so hard for equal rights are so willing to send their kids to school, voluntarily by choice, where they are automatically placed in a subjugated posture? Ain’t anything changed at all? Isn’t stripping someone of individual identity the first step unto slavery? Why do I care? Because I helped pay for the freedom of the slaves whether they admits it or not. The hundreds of thousands that died in the civil war, and the struggles and sacrifices of the civil rights movement in the 1960’s took a toll on many of us white folks, and truth be knowed many of of us, even some of the M & M’s, were all in favor of leveling the field for the benefit of others who were unfairly oppressed and downtrodden. Goddam right it’s my business.

The tv news report indicates that if the aspiring indentured servants cannot afford their school uniforms there are means available to ensure every new working hand will have the requisite clothing to attend classes. Therein seem to be the crux of the matter. It ain’t really so much about being black, a minority, as it is about being poor. In truth, some things have changed a little bit in that folks living in poverty are more likely to be white than in times past. It’s not quite as black and white as it used to be, but frankly it’s still pretty much closer to charcoal gray than it is a smokey white.

And besides, Is that what civil rights are about? Trading places? I don’t really think all them folks, hundreds of thousands who died in the civil war, and the ones who marched across the Edmond Pettus Bridge, did so to end “black” slavery just so the mob bosses could swishy around the demographics of the back forty so that slavery would be more diversified. It seems to me that slavery is wrong no matter who it is in the shackles.

And how is it a “family” can’t afford two or three sets of very cheap Wal-Mart shirts and pants anyway? Well, well, well. Because those two schools who live closer to poverty than the others are also more likely to be in neighborhoods where the “families” are comprised of single parent mom’s who work for minimum wage, who work odd hours, and who maybe involved in less than reputable pursuits of the income they need to support their little baybee! Hell no! They don’t need a man, they only need a nanny to meet all their socialist needs.

So, bitch, bitch, bitch, didn’t all them slaves bitch about broke up families and sending they baybee to be raised by someone else, and isn’t the inhumanity of being reduced to another wheel in the cog of the Borg’s economic machine what they was fighting over in the first place? I can’t really understand how anyone, white or black, sees a system that is set up to subjugate certain classes before they ever graduate high school into the acceptance of indisputable authority, for the lowest of not-a-living-wage, as anything less than a system of slavery anyway. Is the playing field really level for a graduate from a high school who has learned to be self-reliant and responsible, as it is for someone who has learned to accept someone else’s notion of who you are, and someone else’s decisions about morality, responsibility, and independence?

So whose fault is it? Hard to say, but it really boils down to the reality that the cultures of poverty, i.e. the black community mostly, never have had the opportunity to embrace the true values of liberty and independence in the first place. Ain’t that really the fault of the uppity white folks? Well, yes it is. However, the problem has been exacerbated by black women, many of whom have excelled at the expense of family, leaving their project cousins behind – many of whom are sisters who end up single working moms. Of course, there is the recent article that showed how not-so-uppity white women who also pursued the feminist mantra have finally reaped it’s benefits as they have fallen to the same level of poverty and dysfunction that most of their black counterparts have never actually been able to overcome in the fist place. Now they all liberated!

Ok, so women really can be STUPID! Many still won’t admit the abysmal failure of feminism, although I can’t understand why. Here are some facts. More women live in poverty than ever before and more are homeless than ever before. Our school systems, once the envy of the world, are now failing our students and our communities. Kids are doped up on Ritalin because they lack discipline from home, kids are subjugated into uniforms for the same reason. Kids, and the rest of the family, are more obese than ever before because no one cooks at home anymore. Crime rates would be higher, except for the fascist programs of big brother that invade privacy and violate constitutional rights – like the stop and frisk policies in New York, and the millions of cameras in public places that are essentially being used illegally to stalk and track by placing people under twenty-four hour surveillance. Yeah, you’ve come a long way baybee!

Of course, it can’t be understated that the industrial bosses planned this equation from the very beginning. Women were more than willing to buy into false hope and blacks never really believed and just took what they could get believing any improvement to be better than nothing. For the industrial bosses, more women in the work force means more competition for employment and the inevitable shrinking of middle income jobs. The result is a new kind of slave system. And not to forget the influx of illegal immigrants that also helps to ensure the wage labor floor is too low.

It’s obscene, and it’s uncivilized. The rest of the problem with the equation is that the fundamental economic equation hasn’t changed at all. The 5% of folks who controlled most of the wealth during the civil war, still control the same amount of wealth today as they did then. It may an earth shaking, unrealistic idea, but the basics must change. Even still, women ought to at least have the opportunity to show real social responsibility by considering their own domestic alternatives without having the mantra of Gloria Steinem shoved down their throat.

Is this chauvinism? No, it really isn’t. And as always I offer this disclaimer. When women work, they should be paid fairly and equally according to tenure, education, and experience. And there certainly is a time and place for many women to work. All that having been said, I wouldn’t change government policy against the rights of working women. I just think women, and black people; those who are successful as well as those who suffer the realities I mention, should stop and reevaluate their commitment to “civil rights” and what that really means, or is supposed to mean in this country. Instead of a socialist government, maybe a little more individual social responsibility would go a long way.

And maybe, just maybe, if the good folks of this country can manage to regain their soul and come together in a true and responsible spirit of unity – they might be able to temper capitalism just enough to include everybody, in spite of the greed of the industrial bosses, and the lust for power by big brother.

© 2013 – Jim Casey
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