Sheriff, is you hungry?

The big red marches on in the United States. A federal court has struck down the Miranda ruling that requires an officer to tell the individual under arrest that they have rights. Primarily at issue is the right to remain silent until you have consultation with an attorney. The court has argued that as long as the confession that is made by the “criminal” is voluntary, there is no need for the Miranda statement to be made.

Been arrested lately? Can someone please explain to me exactly at what point you are not under durress when they slap the cuffs on you, place you in the back of a car with a chain link fence between you and the driver (this ain’t like a cab) toss you into the drunk tank (drunk or not) and leave you to rot for three or four days before you even have a chance to talk to an attorney? Now, I don’t mean you goin’ to get an attorney who’s gonna do nothin’ for you. Unless you have big bucks, the question of “afford” is mute. You take the court appointed attorney, and his limit for defense is a few hundred dollars, and you already know you ain’t gettin’ a fair trial, if any at all. You may not have even been in the same county when “Andy” shot your ex wife through the head. But you in jail, and you scared to death, and you think maybe if you admit to something, whether you done it or not, then mabye they’ll go easy on you. Or maybe you just say something that sounds incriminating, even though it don’t mean nothin’, facts be known. Will the facts be known?


“Suppers waitin’ at home and I got to get to it…”

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