Delusion Is Done

Feminists Served Notice

The break down of the American family is a problem that everyone will eventually reap the consequences of. Kids, especially young children, are more grounded and more secure when they have that contact with their mother in the nurturing years. Kids who grow up latchkey are more prone to violence and to getting into trouble.

The rise of feminism shows a direct relationship with the rise of juvenile violence, as well as a host of other problems. When the kids get into trouble, the schools demand uniforms, and said kids are now being conditioned to accept authority without question in an unhealthy manner.

The delusion is over, it is time for women in this country to realize that they are women, and that they have natural roles that don’t fit well with the ambitions of a career executive. Having children means working less hours, or not at all, less advancements, and generally lower pay than male counterparts. Men do not have the natural bond that comes with carrying a child for nine months, and cannot possibly be mommy’s replacement during formative years. Neither can day care workers.

The establishment bosses love for women to work. Low wages in two wage-earning families means labor is cheap, and the bosses get more profit.

It is time for America, and America’s women, to have a reality check. The price we will pay for the “future of feminism” won’t be worth it, for anybody. All you have to do is keep up with current events and the statistics that are periodically posted on various news services, newspapers, etc. The facts are there, and they really aren’t all that hard to find. The media seldom puts it all together. Much propaganda is disseminated by women, and men who have an interest in keeping their female counterparts happy. Still, it’s obvious if you pay attention.

Changing Times

Kids, families, and national security are more important than the feminist agenda. With Nafta and Gatt, we are seeing the loss of more and more middle wage jobs. Although we now enjoy low unemployment, it won’t last. When the stock market finally gets done reaping windfall profits as a result of new investments outside of our borders, it will also stop fueling the economy that makes an abundance of low wage jobs available. A rising stock market is usually an indication that wages are stagnating even if it means there are plenty of those jobs.

When the heyday is over we will be left with low wage jobs and fewer of them. When that happens many couples will come to the logical conclusion that the best way to stretch a dollar in a one-income family (focused on increasing Dad’s income and career advancement) will be with mom assuming a more traditional role. It is inevitable.

Kids will probably be better off than they are now.

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