Saturday Walkabout – “Popup Parks” & “Treasure Hunting” Downtown

Check out his fun video walkabout in Big Spring Park as continues to celebrate 25 years on the Internet. This is a very special benchmark also because this video is the first ever live stream actually available on the website while live. She’s come along way baby!

Other than the “popup parks” mentioned, this video is a special event all it’s own so there isn’t any overriding theme other than looking for fun and treasure in Big Spring Park as the title says. We did find some fun things and treasures to behold. The park was full of interesting people, some doing aerobics, supermodels on a photo shoot, more investigation of the odd sculpture that looks like something from outer-space, observations of a vibrant downtown on Saturday afternoon with dozens of people eating lunch at sidewalk eateries and even an unexpected swing band on North Side Square.

It hasn’t been too long ago when there were public outcries to revitalize the downtown that on Saturday afternoon was mostly reminiscent of a ghost town. Mixed use redevelopment with tons of living space has transformed downtown Huntsville in a few short years into a whole new experience. Enjoy the video.

©2022 – Jim Casey

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