Requiem For St. Nicolas

The Only Girl At The Last Dance

And, I just want you to know
I went to the pier
And I played my songs
I waited, and I waited, and waited
And you never showed

I left each night
Lonely, tired and scared
Saw so many faces
Of the other ones there
Panhandlers, empty bottles and bums

I looked at their faces

Thinking maybe that’s him
And I thought afraid to myself
What if I end up like him
And you never showed

I played my songs anyway
I played my heart out
Like a beacon in the night
Cast upon the wind
Hoping, praying, they’d take flight

That they’d find you
But, you never showed
What did I do wrong
Was it in my song
I can’t wait this long

I tried so hard
I played every night
Right from my heart
I cried every night
Right from the start

And now, there’s something else
I want you to know
Those decisions I made
Just weren’t valid
Words in my mouth
Someone elses ballad

I’ve never been so sorry
For what someone else did
Loretta’s plank in her hand
When I was just a kid
And I never showed

I might have found you
In some other place
But the omni dream weaver
Kept changing the pace
And, I never showed

So now what can I do
The grass is growing
Another fine day, lost
My song empty
Because I never showed

©2021 – All rights reserved – Jim Casey

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