Redstone Federal Credit Union To Open Downtown Branch

Redstone Federal Credit Union Downtown Branch
Redstone Federal Credit Union Downtown Branch

Redstone Federal Credit Union is set to open it’s new Huntsville downtown branch next Tuesday, December 1st. Members living in the area, or visiting Big Spring Park, the Von Brain Civic Center or loved ones in hospital will find this new location especially convenient.

The building is fully lighted and seems to be complete, although, it does appear there is some yard work that will lag behind the grande opening.


New Branch Opening December 1

We’re excited to announced our newest branch office opening soon. On December 1, 2020, Redstone will proudly serve the members and Membership Partners in downtown Huntsville, AL. The Twickenham Branch, located at 200 Davis Circle, will offer:

• 4 ITM/ATM teller line
• 3 ITM/ATM drive-thru lanes (parking garage)
• 2 ATMs with 24/7 exterior access
• Safe Deposit boxes…

©2020 – Jim Casey

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