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Ray Jones & Jackie Reed – Live Stream – Super Combo Chat


  ● Thursday, July 21 at ~12:30 pm CDT


  ● Super Combo Chat for Jackie Reed and Ray Jones during funeral procession to Maple Hill for Ray Jones ( Jackie Reed was laid to rest earlier also in Maple Hill cemetery. )

The hearse delivering the remains of Ray Jones heads for the main gates of Huntsville’s Maple Hill Cemetery.


Folks in Huntsville know that two great community leaders passed this week.

Jackie Reed was a long time community advocate and a perennial political candidate as well as City Council watchdog.


Raymond Jones was the patriarch of the Jones family farm in southeast Huntsville, cattle farmer and dedicated community servant who donated the land on which Mayfair Church of Christ is built.


● These two community stalwarts are icons representing many concepts of interest to many people. The chat will be an open forum to anyone from Huntsville or not.


( Some discussions are potentially opinionated, please use moderate language. )


The funeral services for Ray Jones will also be live streamed by Mayfair Church of Christ at 10:45 am.


This isn’t a walkabout so I’ll be able to focus more on the chat plus I’ve made technical adjustments since the last broadcast that I hope will better facilitate the mobile chat experience.

See ya tomorrow!


© 2022 – Jim Casey

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