BREAKING NEWS: Concerts In The Park… Just Chatting…

I went down to Big Spring Park earlier today to do a news report on the Big Spring Concerts in Park Concerts series put on by Arts Huntsville. Unfortunately, apparently because of all the rain earlier today, they cancelled the show. I guess it’s a tough call because the rain actually stopped 2 or 3 hours before concert time at 6:30, but I guess with all the equipment and set up and wet ground, they just have to go ahead an make decision.


So, I went ahead and did a live BREAKING NEWS report to inform the public about the cancellation and then took the opportunity to show some of the park on a quiet Monday evening while chatting about different things and some of the concerts in the past when I did historic digital audio recordings. Those should show up on YouTube in the next year or two when I get them out of the archives and dust them off.

There were to have been two groups tonight, the first Mil Music Entertainment is apparently an RnB with a gospel twist. The other was someone called Unique Live Band. I’m not really familiar with either group but you can find them on socials and YouTube if you want to look them up. There’s on more Concert in this series next Monday August 8 but the bands are a surprise and so you might want to put that on your calendar.

©2022 – Jim Casey

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