Obama Smoked One Joint Too Many

The rhetoric is false, deceptive, and dangerous. For Obama and the gun control nuts, this is still the United States of America, and there is still a constitutional process involved in changing policy and laws.

The 2nd amendment doesn’t guarantee your right to own a shotgun for hunting, it does recognize your unalienable right to own a military style weapon because a citizen army is necessary.

Any laws banning or restricting assault rifles are fundamentally unconstitutional. Congress does not have the authority to change the constitution any more than Cuoma or Bloomberg. Changing the constitution requires state ratification – not Obama’s perception of public sentiment.

Background checks, like most arbitrary drug testing, are arbitray and therefore an unconstitutional abridgement. Constitutional rights may not be denied to anyone without legal adjudication, due process, for a felony action. All men are created equal.

I read in USA Today that Veterans who come home without arms or legs, bouncing off the walls with PTSD, paralyzed, or suffering some other war inflicted malady now account for nearly 40 billion dollars a year in disability benefits. As far as I can tell, that’s just so we can have plenty of gas for cars.

Kids shouldn’t ever be the victims of violence, but I have a hard time with the reaction to Sandy Hook which is histionic when compared to the blood spent on war – ostensibly to protect our constitutional rights. You don’t have a constitutional right to cheap gas.

What makes the discussion even more ludicrist is the reality that Adam Lanza was also a victim of Sandy Hook. He was a brainwahsed “sleeper” who was manipulated in a larger scheme of terrorist propaganda – exactly the same as Jared Loughner, the Virginia Tech shooter, and Farron Barksdale.

The histrionics have no place in a legitimate national dialogue. It is time to return this country to legitimate legal process, to recognize and address domestic terrorism when it happens for what it is and at the roots – not symptomatically. Open dialogue always gets the best results when evryone gets honest facts and the informed majority makes the decisions. When that happens, the constitution can be changed, although it shouldn’t be, by the legitimate process already provided for. If Obama, Cuomo, and Bloomberg don’t like that, they should move to China.

In the mean time, the show is out of control whether it’s controlled or not. I don’t think it’s a good idea to rip the country in half. The people who actually orchestrated Sandy Hook are heinous, reprobate, and probably still alive. That’s what FBI, CIA, and HS investigations are suppossed to be for in the first place. Those agencies are either complicit or incompetent. That’s where the outcry should be directed.

The only really rational response to Obama’s histrionics comes from the governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, who is quoted as asking the Mississippi state legislature to pass laws making it illegal for any law enforcement agency to enforce unconstitutional gun control by Obama.

Thank God for Mississippi !!!

© 2013 – Jim Casey
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