New York Secedes : A New Nation Dedicated To Genetic Profiling

For those of you grown accustomed to looking at the world though the cynical eyes of jaded satire – this isn’t satire. It is the real thing.

The New York State Senate has kicked down the door to the US Constitution, nullified the preamble, desecrated the second amendment, instigated illegal gun control, denial of due process, denial to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, and now regulates how much Coke or Pepsi you are allowed to drink – it all adds up. New York State is no longer operating under the authority of the United States, and in fact has become a separate and autonomous system of government, not sanctioned by the United States Constitution.

New York has become a new independent nation.

This is why I break the cult of silence and speak the taboo truth. Sandy Hook was an act of domestic terrorism carried out by a “sleeper” Adam Lanza. His personal motivations probably were not the same as the people who exploited him. He might have been expecting 72 virgins. Sandy Hook was, however, orchestrated on another level for the propaganda value and exactly the results achieved in New York. President Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg are at least accessories to seditious domestic/international terrorism, and more likely culpable.

The real problem in New York is two fold. First, the Medical Industrial Complex putsch to control and exploit genomics via expanding, compulsory, universtal health-care. I.e. unconstitutional eugenics, genocide, and holocaust. Second, the aristocrats running New York, like Cuomo and Bloomberg, find it cheaper to disarm the disaffected, disenfranchised, and disgruntled masses rather than tend to the real problems underlying social and political unrest – jobs, equality, and economic parity. They are scared that social unrest like the Occupy movement will not only continue walking, but that it will also (pun intended) grow arms.

The constitution doesn’t recognize the rights of hunters. It does recognize a well armed citizen militia. It does not recognize the wave of the hand by the Medical Industrial Complex, with deeply ingrained conflicts of interest, in lieu of the equality of all and of due process. Abuse of “mental health” systems is replete through history and arguably is the oldest trick. History shows again and again and again – the tactics of the slippery slope New York Nation are more expensive in the long run than simply following constitutional values to begin with.

Dear Mr. U.S. President (Barack Obama),
“Now we are engaged in a great civil war testing whether any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure.”

Normally, in times past, I would expect that the rogues in New York would get a swift rebuke from the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court are the ones, however, led by republican turncoat John Roberts, that left the latch off the constitutional door when they allowed compulsory Obamacare to stand.

Irony can’t save the nation or absolve the loss of liberty. However, it is interesting to note that the New York Rebels are willingly disarming themselves. That nation, and liberty, cannot and will not endure without the constitution.

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