TOCC TV Endorsement: Anyone But Roy Moore? Write-In Jim Casey For Senate

I’ve lived in Alabama nearly all my life. But, I live in Huntsville in North Alabama which is north of the Tennessee River. The river slices a somewhat unusual path flowing from east to west with a low bending arc just about halfway across the state. We haven’t ever really fit in with the rest of Alabama and most folks know the joke that sometimes arises declaring that we are actually a part of southern Tennessee. When the folks in Alabama say “thank God for Mississippi” we in North Alabama have been known to shift the equation and say something like “that’s the other part of Alabama.” Even though Huntsville is generally more progressive, being a part of Southern Tennessee can also be a dubious distinction given that it is the birthplace of the Klan and not generally known for the more progressive thinking of Huntsvillian’s.

That’s why I was surprised when during the presidential primaries, the Madison County Republican’s actually gave their endorsement to the religious zealot Ted Cruze. If Huntsville and North Alabama are more politically benevolent we are also still conservative, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had endorsed Donald Trump – but Ted Cruze?. Then, Trump won big time with much larger margins than I had expected. I wouldn’t even have been surprised if Hillary managed to carry Huntsville. In short, while Huntsville has been waiting for the rest of Alabama to catch up, the rest of Alabama with Roy Moore in the lead, has managed to fold the pocket flap back up and button it down squarely upon the KKK birth place in Southern Tennessee.

Many already know I not only once identified with the Republican’s, but also that I was elected to the Madison County Republican Executive Committee in 1986. Back then, ‘establishment” Republican’s controlled the local party and the abortion war was in full swing. I entered the election at the behest of a full slate of 25 pro-lifers, led by a democrat by the name of Billy Graham. This Billy Graham was a venerable snake-in-the-grass who liked to explain that he had seniority as the other more well-known Billy Graham was to his jr., The slate sought to overthrow the status quo of the cut-throat business executives who didn’t really want to embrace the shifting political spectrum. I was only one of two who managed to gain a seat, and frankly I was’t well received by the committee. But, I didn’t run as a religious zealot either, and now I must confess and apologize for helping to build the monster that Roy Moore is now riding upon.

I am no longer dogmatic about pro-life either. While I would still say I am pro-life, I also concede that abortion is an inevitable evil – note I did not say a necessary evil. In spite of the best efforts of the pro-life movement, abortion has always been with us and the real bottom line is, it always will be. Today’s laws and practices boil down to the lesser of evils. An additional component of this gradual epiphany on my part are the realities of the pro-life movement itself. I frankly came to the conclusion that most pro-lifers, just like most abortion mongers, aren’t really interested in the well being of the unborn as much as they are in controlling the lives of other people, which subsequently extends into every aspect of living life. (And by the way, don’t be fooled by “Pro Choice,” because as I imply, they aren’t.) They are by and large, all a bunch of control freaks. The good news is that Christians can still make the decision to protect their own unborn baby, whereby their faith, if nothing else, will remain intact.

So be it. The good news is that I renounced and denounced the Republican party during the first campaign of W Bush because I realized that Bush was worse than the religious hypocrites that now follow Roy Moore. However, be not dismayed if you are conservative. Roy Moore’s problems aren’t about “conservative,” Roy Moore’s problems are about integrity, about turning Christianity into a veritably Islamic cult, about not respecting the constitution he claims to be the guardian of, and about not following the rule of law when it is clear he is beaten – and wrong. So, while I still identify as conservative, I don’t identify as republican. Nowadays I call myself “independent.”

All that was intended to be a lead in to “everything wrong with Roy Moore.” Since I wrote the first part of this column last weak, the list of everything wrong with Roy has grown somewhat now adding his inappropriate advances on underage women. It was also leading up to “might as well vote for Jones.” But really, I find Doug Jones to be about the same thing as Roy Moore, just on the far left side of extremism. The point being, I can’t endorse Doug Jones either – even passively. And so, I am now presenting my Roy Moore talking points from my campaign site, which I now present for you to visit also. [ Jim Casey Campaign ]

You can still elect a moderate conservative – Write-in Jim Casey for U.S. Senator from Alabama on 12/12! And that is my endorsement.

Everything Wrong With Roy Moore

  • False prophet, false doctrine
  • Suspicious self-aggrandizing financial dealings
  • Inappropriate advances on underage women
  • Doesn’t respect the U.S. Constitution
  • Doesn’t support the first amendment
  • Ally of Jeff Sessions & doesn’t support the fourth amendment
  • Doesn’t believe in the Biblical admonition of Church & State separation
  • Practices Old Testament legalism akin to Islamic Sharia law
  • Referred to as the “Ayatollah of Alabama”
  • Has a shady background in the abortion war
  • Not respected by veterans who often mockingly call him “Captain America”
  • Activist judge who legislates from bench
  • Propagandizes with false statements about what the law is
  • Removed from Alabama Supreme Court two times for refusal to follow federal law
  • Roy Moore’s contempt is militant and seditious – he belongs in jail
  • He says homosexual conduct should be illegal
  • Embraces extreme right neo-Nazi propaganda


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