Lemon Pepper Chicken

Ok. I think I got it figured out.

Have you ever gone to the supermarket and got one of them just cooked rotisserie lemon pepper chickens? Yea yea I know it’s not fried chicken, but sometimes you got to consider cholesterol, and besides that maybe you don’t have time to go all the way to the Wal-mart for the really good fried chicken, so you stop at the local super market and get the biggest whole lemon pepper chicken you can find. And a six pack.

And so you tear into that scrumptious deli delight starting with the drumsticks, moving your way to the wings, and a little at a time next thing you know you’re ripping into the back, and all along the way you’re sopping up all the juices in the bottom of the cello pack, finally picking on the first scrumptious breast to dip and suck down, and then suddenly, all the juices run out.

So, even though it clashes just a bit, you grab the quart bottle of Louisiana hot sauce for dipping the other breast. Oh Gawd! It bears worthy of mention that nowadays you can buy Louisiana hot sauce in the quart bottle. Full of vitamin C too mind you. It sure beats buying 32 skimpy 1oz. bottles because not only is it much cheaper, but you have way more than a mouthful on hand when you need it to finish off the rotisserie chicken where the lemon pepper juice left off.

So then, you gently tear the last breast into chicken finger bite size bits and, then you go ahead and drop about one quarter cup of the delectable hot sauce onto the finest white meat chicken smothering each little bit as you devour the finger sized truculent treats. There is no doubt; it just doesn’t get any better than this. And then you swill your last beer to wash it all down.

The trouble is, there’s some sort of vicious cycle in the equation because next thing you know you’re hankering for another batch of hot wings…

God bless all those who have sacrificed and this Memorial Day remember to also celebrate God’s gift of life.

© 2013 – Jim Casey
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