If The Horseshoe Fits – REDUX!

Calhoun House in downtown Huntsville
Calhoun House in downtown Huntsville

After publishing this walkabout a couple weeks ago I got some unexpected but not surprising positive nods from several black people acknowledging my remarks in regard to diversity fascism and the reality that eugenics, ethnic cleansing and genocide are also an under the radar problem for people of color, often enforced by other people of color.

Cannon Balls Redux – If The Horseshoe Fits

BLM has underscored disparities between races but it is important to remember that oppression can and does come from other people who look like you – in every race.

Facsism and diversity fascism is escalating in some pockets, a reality that fake news likes to ignore when it comes from the ultra-left. How the oppressed people of color choose to highlight the problems they face from the others who look like them is for them to decide. However, the silence is unacceptable and will only lead to more and bigger problems further down the road for everyone.

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