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Huntsville Christmas Parade 2022

Huntsville’s annual Christmas Parade 2022 started off on time at 6pm on Thursday night. The event has been held for several years in the early evening darkness allowing float builders to showcase their decoration with bright lights included.

This year’s event seemed to include more participation than last year lasting about fifteen minutes longer. But the daytime parades from yesteryears used to be as much as two hours long with many more floats more intricately decorated.

Back then, I used to think wouldn’t a night time parade be neat with the lights. Now, in spite of some more interest than last year, I’m not so sure. For whatever reason, participation seems to be something less than enthusiastic with less attention to creating a really nice display. In fairness, there were some great presentations, but many seemed like lazy, and as they say “half-assed” attempts.

This video also includes a complete walkabout of the Tinsel Trail lighted Christmas trees in Big Spring Park.

©2022 – Jim Casey

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