Hillaryous | Obama Radicalized, Seditious

It hardly seems possible. The president of the United States believes a “no fly list” which is an unconstitutional denial of access and due process at face value, should be the criteria for additional denial of fundamental constitutional rights – all based on the arbitrary hunch of the ruling caliphate. He’s even gone so far as to threaten dissolving the constitution through execultive order – authority that he does not have – which would then be sedition by definition. If successful, Brack Obama woul literally create an official caste system.


He wants to leave the southern border open to invasion, and disarm US citizens while the terrorists are just getting started in this country.

That’s a call to surrender to terrorism by definition.

Hillary Clinton has made similar overtures. It’s why I say she is not a female candidate for president. She is an aristocrat, an attorney, a turncoat, a feminazzi, and they are both fascists.

The democratic party no longer exists in the wake of this ultra-extreme radicalization of goverment authority. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the democrats are dangerous. Left to them, this country will inevitably end up in a bloody sectarian war.

Paul Ryan and even Donald Trump are on a similar band-wagon for constitutional subversion. The Republicans and democrats don’t look exactly alike, but they are on the same ultra-radical extremist parallel.

There are folks who say that adhering to the constitution is naive and about like believing in Santa Clause. History suggests, over and again, exactly the opposite.

What is naive, is to think the US government is unaware and unable to stop terrorism before it happens. Donald J. Trump admitted he knew about 911, but people still don’t seem to get it. Terrorism is planned decades in advance. The ONLY way to end the terrorism facilitated by a government, CIA, FBI and MIC that are already radicalized and ultra-extreme is to stop voting for the establishment radicals – whether they are career politicians or not.

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© – Jim Casey / TOCC TV