Goodbye Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is a done deal but I’m still a little surprised by some of the results. For such a vociferous democratic field it seems to me the entire swarm of flies dropped all at once into the same jar of honey goo.

Joe Biden lost a lot of steam in the early days looking weak and anemic from a political perspective while I really thought Mike Bloomberg would come on like gang busters once he actually got into the race.

Then Bloomberg opened his mouth on stage and he too began to look sophomoric at best. Of course, as I once tweeted, Bloomberg lost a lot of credibility with his stop and frisk policies which he then used to stub his own toe by failing to contextualize his lukewarm apologies for stop and frisk as the brazenly unconstitutional policy that it was. Never to be trusted again.

Elizabeth Warren barely gets an honorable mention for her unremarkable performance that fizzled out in an unremarkable way. I never considered her competent or viable but as a candidate, but her lack of qualification is usually a sure fire democratic vote getter.

If President Trump’s “Pocahontas” hounding for Warren’s lack of proclaimed native American ancestry was politically untoward, the truly understated transgression was more likely her fraudulent exploitation of affirmative action as an Indian minority that she ain’t. Never to be heard from again.

It’s even a little surprising to me that ALL the democratic flies landed upon Joe Honeyboos head with their unwafting endorsements. Make no mistake, I can’t imagine how an avowed socialist like Bernie Sanders could possibly be elected to the US Senate, even from Vermont. Then it’s as though the democratic hasbeens are unendorsing Sanders moreso than supporting Biden.

The big kicker is that Sanders won California. The Nation of California is a big place and in spite of my contempt for the likes of Nancy Peelowsee, I’ve still had faith in California’s more traditional if liberal democratic leanings. California isn’t really an autonomous nation, but maybe it really is time to let them secede to the Soviet Union.

The good news is two fold. First, the democrats, i.e. Joe Biden and company, really are weak and unqualified. Which then begs to remember that California will likely deliver quite a few republican votes who have had it with Peelowsee and don’t want to join Russia. Also to say the democratic unendorsement of Sanders restores my faith, if not respect, for the democratic liberalism that will likely confirm Biden as the party nominee.

The second good news isn’t really my unwafting endorsement of Trump as much as as it is an unendorsement of the democrats because I seriously doubt Joe can pull it off – not even with – ha ha ha…!

©2020 – Jim Casey

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