The Democratic Debate Is Repulsive

Usually, when I am put off by the political discourse, it’s because the propaganda makes me mad. I tried, I really did, to watch tonoght’s democratic debate, but I can’t take anymore of that.

Everything about the forum is simply repulsive. Six or seven of the personalities are each repulsive regardless of what they say. They are all inept at presenting their rediculous, naive and sophomoric agenda’s.

Even Bloomberg is proving the old adage that it’s better to keep your mouth shut than confirm your incompetence. While stop and frisk may have been racially insensitive, Bloomberg fails to lead his own apology by recognizing the dangers of the brazenly unconstitutional policy.

I would like to think at this point that the dems have simply conceeded to Trump’s reelection and now they are just attempting to engage their younger audience in a teachable moment. But, their arguments are so absurd, the personalities so toxic, it simply doesn’t come off that way.

It’s more like they are self-destructing. Apropo’, I suppose, since the debate is hosted by CBS which has been in a self-destructive downward spiral for more than two years. You would think they would learn.

Only one dem will be nomimated, but the network in theory cannot afford to chalk off their own demise as easily. It’s astonishing to think that the preeminant leading edge in broadcast media could be the first of the big three to actually fold. Blame it on the internet I suppose.

I had hoped the dems might present a moderately conservative alternative to Donald Trump. Ain’t gonna happen. The preliminary dialogue made it clear that even Joe Biden has fully lost his sensibilities and can no longer hide it from public view. And with Bloomberg’s disclosure of how out of touch he really is – it’s more likely that moderate dems might start scrambling for excuses to support Trump’s reelection.

The repulsive, toxic, democratic disarray is slightly surprising, dissapointing and even a little bit disconcerting in a foreboding sort of way – even for a moderate conservative like me.

©2020 – Jim Casey

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