Get Your Drag On Baby !!!

Firstly, I offer disclosure because I am not LGBT anything and never have been. (I like women…) So, I shy away from these stories because generally it’s not my territory, and I have ambivalence about some things like gay marriage and the extent to which prepubescent children should be indoctrinated by school systems, and the impositions on young people who simply aren’t “there” yet. That coin can flip very quickly.

“Tennessee has become the first state to restrict drag shows. This week, Governor Bill Lee signed a bill to ban drag shows in public spaces. Under the new law, such performances won’t be allowed anywhere a minor might see them.” – NPR

Some argue that drag shows are sexualized entertainment and minors shouldn’t be exposed. We had a drag show in high school once that I remember, didn’t turn me on and frankly it’s just not my taste. Although, I do get a kick out of RuPaul. But, that was high school, not elementary school, and not a public space.

The question begged is what about RuPaul? Should he be allowed on TV where minors might see? Should he be allowed on Instagram where minors might see? YT? FB? TikTok? Etc. Should RuPaul be allowed to walk around in drag in a public park? At the mall? Burger King or McDonalds?

Well, should girls at the pool be allowed to wear bikinis with boobies flopping around? What about at the public beach? How about halters? Should females be allowed to wear pants in public? Or go without their burka? Isn’t all that sexualizing? Hats? Scarves? Jewelry? Long haired rock stars? Kilts for St. Patrick’s day, or just to get some air down there – out in public – where minors can see?

One of the problems I see with this twist of the axis is that the fundamentalist cults are trying to put the toothpaste back into the tube. It don’t work that way, it’s ass backwards. The fundamentalists aren’t being true to their own doctreen. They are appalled by the homos but fail to recognize that homo proliferation begins with the feminazis sitting in their Church pew.

Now, that’s what you call pussy power, because no money making megachurch Pastor of 3000 or more members, half of which are female, is going to tell the liberated roaring females to – sit down and shut up. Not on a dare. And you sure as hell can bet ain’t none of them ho’s gonna offer up their virgin daughter to the unnaturally desiring homo. If they did, nowadays, the ho and the queer would have to register after spending years in the hokey pokey.

Then again, it’s not all about fundamentalism – or what’s best for kids. It’s about conservative extremism. Fascism. Authoritarianism. Racism. Neonazism. Sometimes hard to tell the difference because nowadays they tend to wear the same clothes, sorta like school uniforms in public schools that resemble Catholic boarding schools. And the proliferating private schools, wearing uniforms, pretending to be Christian when from the very beginning, back in the 70’s, they never were anything more than a racist backlash to affirmative action in public schools.

The bottom line in my book is that people can wear whatever clothing in public, or entertainment, they like. It’s freedom of speech and expression. I would agree that there is a line somewhere if the show becomes more burlesque in nature including nudity or sexual acts. But the Tennessee law appears too, uh, broad, and so is unconstitutional.

The caveat is the already given major warning because, proselytizing public school students with coerced prayer on the 50 yard line is also an unconstitutional violation of Church and State separation that somehow garners blessing from the current, and very corrupt, Supreme Court. So, all bets are off, the current SCOTUS clearly leans fascist with abandon if it will advance the unspoken agenda.

(Got burka?)

©2023 – Jim Casey

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