Dereck Chauvin Sentencing (America Under Siege)

I went downtown on Friday afternoon around 3:00pm to see if there were any demonstrations over the Chauvin sentencing. Everything was quiet and I decided to use my new camera phone feature that takes a panorama view. Turned out pretty good but it does take some practice. In this photo I didn't quite make it around 360° but it's pretty close. So, on the far right you can see the stair landing where demonstrators marched on up out of Big Spring Park last summer and then onto the square across the street where, just to the right of the magnolia tree, there no longer stands the confederate memorial which is now located in Maple Hill Cemetery.

From the column [ Dereck Chauvinsim On Trial ] I wrote the words below and they are the pretext for the subtitle above. Three dozen psyoptic “supernovas” in two weeks is too much and I am observing a pall around town and I am quite certain I am not the only one who is overdosed and disgusted. The deep state corruption is a theme I often touch on and my opinion on Derek Chauvin stands alone, but like so many other times it’s impossible to ignore. Planning for the future is great and wonderful. When it becomes deep state extortion, obviously, it’s a human rights violation, fundamentally unconstitutional and totally denigrates the ideals that this nation stands for. When it reaches warp speed as it has this week – it’s depravity and moral turpitude.


This one is a humdinger to be sure. It’s just not possible to comment on the Derek Chauvin trial and verdict without pointing out some realities that apparently make some people uncomfortable. The fact is, the entire Summer of Discontent, all the premeditated activities and the Black Lives Matter movement is a conspiracy wrapped inside of the Corona Virus conspiracy. It’s not ok on top of it’s not ok. Worldwide key-frame be damned. The deep state magnet system is unconstitutional and ultimately has caused delay to the advancement of constitutional parity. It serves no one other than aristocratic bosses.

That having been said, I’ve pointed out that Derek Chauvin was after all a police officer who was attempting to fulfill his responsibilities to the public. I don’t think he meant to kill George, but I do think he was employing a concept I’ve heard police sometimes use by making an example out of an alpha male for the neighborhood. In this case, he deliberately lingered for the public to see, which then became an aggravating circumstance leading to a longer sentence than he might have gotten for causing unintentional death.

His depravity and cruelty in front of kids was a misappropriation at best. In short, regardless of the guidelines the judge used in that state, he got about what I think is appropriate for his crime. My opinion is that Chauvin did show depravity when there were other officers present to ensure custody. It is also disturbing to me that he could be out for good behavior in only fifteen years. But then, it’s been pointed out that his sentence will likely be more difficult for him as a cop – therefore so be it.

Generally speaking, the practice of targeting the alpha male in the neighborhood with the intent to make an example is fundamentally unconstitutional. It’s a combat tactic and over and again we’ve heard it said demilitarize the police. If police are dealing with a literal gang leader, maybe that’s different, but often and with George, that doesn’t seem to be the case. It is one point for reform. But I am also disturbed by the fact Chauvin was type-cast as racist when absolutely no evidence was ever reported substantiating that accusation. His sentence was still correct, but whether it was a hate crime was not established and in my opinion colored folks should not be stereo-typing, profiling or putting people in a box because it fits their agenda or maybe it’s somehow suggested by a name not common in their culture.

There are some other undertoes ruminating in the public zeitgeist right now and they are part of a larger system of propaganda being associated with this case. I’m sure I’ll have an opportunity to express my opinion on some of the other issues in the future but for now will simply say this. The saying goes there are two sides to every story to which I often reply, there are in fact more likely at least three sides and maybe more.

©2021 – Jim Casey

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Dereck Chauvin Sentencing (America Under Siege)

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Three dozen psyoptic “supernovas” in two weeks is too much and I am observing a pall around town and I am quite certain I am not the only one who is overdosed and disgusted. PANORAMA PHOTO INCLUDED.

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