My Statement On Rule Changes By Debate Commission

The Commission on Presidential Debates has indicated it’s intention to change the rules in the wake of last nights Presidential debate, which may include censoring tactics such as turning off the microphone(s) when they determine their candidate is not winning.

The Presidential candidates do not need that interference which denigrates the candidates right to express themselves in a manner that they see fit. They are not kids in a brawl on the playground and should not be treated as such. Further, such rule changes also circumvents the right of the American people to see the candidates as they choose to present themselves, and to make their voting decision based on uncensored information.

The Debate Commission is clearly acting out of pressure from the liberal mainstream media who are afraid their candidates will loose voters, and the debates will loose the ratings and the revenue that are more important to them than the legitimacy of the political process. Whether a candidate gains or looses is not necessarily reflected by the relative success of the mainstream media.

I urge the RNC to immediately withdraw it’s sponsorship of the Debate Commission and for Donald Trump to decline participation in any additional debates.

Allowing the liberal media to buy the debates and control the content presented by the candidates in this manner is not just reprehensible, but arguably unconstitutional and illegal.


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